5 ways to younger looking skin

4 ways to younger looking skin

Our skin is the biggest organ in the body

It needs some nutrients, some care, some love, to keep it looking youthful and aid the reduction of wrinkles.


A high percentage of our body is made up of water, but hydration is more than just chugging water each day.

Most of our clients report to drink than less than 1 litre of water a day when they 1st join us.

This is highlighted in our free intro chat or nutrition consultation and we look at ways to highlight the benefits of increasing water.

You don’t want saggy skin like a shrivelled prune do you?

The 2 common problems with no water are either taste or awareness

Taste, I prefer filtered water for sure, tap water (more in certain areas of the country is heavier)

You can taste the difference from London to the north east for example.

Tap water, or council pop we used to call it growing up, I can taste the small of amounts of chemicals, chlorine etc, so I added an inline filter to my fridge.

Other great options are jug filter for your fridge.

Taste it, you’ll never go back

Still not there, try some cucumber and mint or small pieces of low GI fruit like berries

If you’ve got a healthy whole food eating lifestyle like myself, you’ll need to regularly ass rock salt.

Salt is full of around 50 trace minerals

But isn’t salt bad for you?

No sodium is, sea salt contains so many other minerals and a sprinkle in your water aids hydration.

Water without salt and you’ll just pee it out.

The caveat being, if you have high blood pressure or eat a processed eating lifestyle, you shouldn’t be adding salt to either or both is sorted.


Clients can be unaware of how much water to drink or unaware of how much they drink, it’s an unconscious thing right?

Have a glass by the bed and drink upon waking, then 1 glass with each meal is a great way to start.

Ever been really dehydrated?

Your skin feels and looks awful, you cant poop (it flushes it through your pipes), you fatigue faster and feel hungrier (Hangry anyone?)

For bonus points and to actually see how hungry you are, drink a pint of water 15-30 minutes before you eat, that will give you a better hunger signal.

2- Sleep

Sleep, powered by the body’s master hormone melatonin is probably the best thing we can do for our heath

You can only go a few days with no sleep before hallucinations and eventually death, that should tell you how important it is!

Sleeping less, leads to overeating, more stress and rapidly declining health.

Ever woke up and seen your skin after a poor nights sleep?

3- Gut health

The gut is the centre of the body, your intestines where all the food is broken from a mush/pulp to be absorbed into the body has become a major health focus in the last 10 years and it’s certainly hits main stream media.

Ever had an itchy scalp or itchy skin ?

What seems the obvious answer is to add cream to it right?

Skin being your outer layer, that would make sense right?

All things health wise are controlled from the gut, it’s where our food is broken down and where the majority of our bacteria lives.

Our gut bacteria feeds off good things like fibre from fruits, veggies and whole foods plus it loves fermented foods too.

Our bacteria doesn’t like processed food, excess sugar, our gut bacteria is affected by stress, excess alcohol, and in some people wheat and dairy

Apparently we have that much bacteria living in our skin and in our gut, that actually percentage wise, we are less human than human (crazy)

Our bacteria (micro-biome ) is a sensitive organism in itself and eating some food can lead to perforating the bowel (leaky gut) (think bloating) and poo particles entering the body, then the body attacks it.

Doesn’t sound nice right?

It’s why the food you eat controls your health and your skin!

Ever tried Kefir/ I make my own, find out here https://youtu.be/KxQHZ5gvsAY

4-Strength training

– I’m a big fan of strength training for so many reasons, in this respect it’s muscle growth, building up your tissue (fascia) and in turn stretching your skin( skin tone/muscle tone)

We need muscles to keep us upright (posterior chain), we need muscles to make life easier at home, work and play.

We need our muscle even more as we get older (see my latest blog) https://ulyssesfitness.co.uk/why-your-grandma-should-do-weights/

5- Supplements

The best 2 supplements I use and advise others on

Bone broth, boil down some bones (our grandparetnts did) There is whole lotta collagen in there ! Col;agen helps our skin electicity, helps reapier muscle and ligaments and wounds and helps our gut!

A line taken from Dr Gus bone broth on Collagen_

“One of the main amino acids in bone tea is glutamine. Glutamine is required by the cells lining the gut for fuel and healthy metabolism. Glutamine has been shown to aid the gut by healing the junctions that allow food from the gut into the blood (leaky gut) and improving the gut bacteria”

Find all the science from Paul (Dr Gus here) and buy the U.K’s best bone broth- https://www.drgusnutrition.co.uk/collections/bone-broth-products

I use it daily!

Collagen for veggies and vegans-

Use a Collagen powder here, I believe in and use CBD products from Revitalize, you’ll find my shop here

Revitalize are a north east company and have some awesome products with awesome reviews

Reduce wrinkles, banish baggy eyes by implementing some of these strategies today and looking after your biggest organ!

In health

Coach Ben


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