Abby-Nutrition and Learning to love burpees

Abby, our member of the month as unanimously chosen by the coaches.

Abby joined us back in February and from the moment we took her Free intro, which is like a member interview process, as a company we were set back by such a driven young lady.

We knew that not only would she be a great fit for our tribe but knew she would bring something special to the group.

Not many new members add nutrition on day 1, it was clear Abby highly valued the service

We provide in partnership with Dietitian backed company HSN (HEALTHY STEPS NUTRITION) and has thrived under our guidance.

Abby’s success secrets were Consistency of nutrition, lots of feedback and learning to love burpees even.

Abby came in looking to get strong and is on a great path. Always smiling, driven at work, in fitness and no doubt anything she takes on. #belikeabby

Words from Abby

Ulysses has made me fall back in love with exercise again.

Before I joined I was unmotivated, found excuses and wasn’t in the right mindset and I was putting off joining as I was worried I wouldn’t be fit enough to join the gym.

But from my first meeting I felt at home.

The support from Ben, Dave, Von and all the members has been amazing throughout and has only increased whilst in lockdown.

If I wasn’t a member of Ulysses there is no way I’d be working out every day and eating well during lockdown.

I’m now getting PBS over 5k, lifting heavier and feeling fitter than ever before.

Lockdown has been hard at times but knowing I have the WOD to complete and goals to hit has ensured I’ve had structure in my day which has massively helped.

Daily messages from Dave and Von checking in, making sure im okay and motivated (especially when burpees are in the WOD)

The team making sure I’m sticking to my nutrition has made me keep on track and finally start to see a body I’m happy with!

Cant thank Ulysses enough for making me happier, more energetic, fitter and totally changing my mindset for the better!

What next?

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