The Ulysses Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

Ben Jakeman

I’ve been an Pt/coach for 17 years, starting in the British Army. Working with sports teams, individuals and companies, where ever I’ve worked in the world.

I settled in Middlesbrough and made it my life’s mission to reduce illness and chronic disease of my family, our clients and their families. In hope we can pass on these foundations of sustainable health to the next generation. We believe in fun and strong relationships between staff and all clients, that just don’t exist elsewhere. Caring is our super power.

Founder of Ulysses Fitness

our coaches

Ulysses Fitness Coach


Coach Andy has been home grown at Ulysses. He’s been with us over 2 years so knows and our values and client relationship by personal experience. He’s looking to help others who want to improve health and fitness through strength, boot-camp and our group personal training.
Ulysses Fitness Coach


Yvonne has been a client for over 4 years and our Lead nutrition coach since the program was founded back in may 2019, Yvonne’s super power is caring. Simply sit down and let Yvonne into your head and life so you can build healthier habits together and change 1 day at a time. A true mother figure and all round amazing person.
Ulysses Fitness Coach


Dave joined us as one our 1st clients in may 2016. Since then he’s stood out for his attention to detail and joined the coaching team in early 2019. Since then Dave has climbed the ladder to head coach, a perfect man for the job. High standards, safety and strength and an eye for details make Dave the perfect coach for the Role. Home grown and cares about all the clients and coaches around him.
Ulysses Fitness Coach


Shaun is a full time fireman and a great rugby player. Shaun has a great amount of experience in group classes personal training and building his own PT business whilst living in Dubai. The newest addition to the team who will support the already great team with sports background and strength and conditioning style training with his rugby team. Shaun also has a love for rehab.
Ulysses Fitness Coach


When Becky 1st walked through our doors as a physio and asked if we could work together, we knew she would make a great coach too!

A few months later after settling in at Ulysses, helping our clients with Rehab and prehab we asked her to join the team. A young, knowledgeable and friendly coach who has so much to offer our tribe! String, smart, happy and humble 🙂

Ulysses Fitness Coach


We are so excited have Kirsty help the Tees valley improve healthy habits through habits and behaviour based nutrition. As a business we’ve always recruited our coaches from within.Kirsty joins the nutrition coaches team after over 2 years of training as a client, we’ve seen Kirsty go from quiet church mouse to motivated ninja.

 Kirsty received member of the month in November 2020 after leading a team in the quaranteam games and hitting a personal monthly run total over 200km. People don’t come much more motivated than Kirsty and she admits it’s purely just consistency. A true people person, caring mother of 3 + dogs, a few cats, goat Derek, chickens and some guinea fowl.

Ulysses Fitness Coach


Another amazing young lady joins our coaching team. Charlotte has a coaching background from Trampolining, has an energy and excitement about training we’ve never seen before . As a client for over a year, true Ulysses cheerleader and chief motivator, we are blessed to have Charlotte join our team. We predict a bright for Charlotte in coaching.