Banish back pain

Do you sit for 6-8 hours a day ?

Do you regularly exercise? 3-5 hours a week on intentional strength training or cardio? If you do well done, but do you think that’s enough to counteract all that sitting?

Sitting truly is the devil, nomadic tribes constantly moved around, taking children, live stock and shelter with them

Since modern Sapiens sit on there booty/ass/bum for a living as the tech sector grows and especially prevalent and apparent for even myself during lock-down

Coaches Dave and Paul are here with a series of self help videos that we’ll add onto a chain of this blog for ease of use.

Correcting this is simple but not easy

You’ll need that DRIVE to change

That want to change your current situation

To become better, looser, less back pain than ever before

How you say?

Coaches Dave and Paul arehere for you

Whats the magic to this, well solving any issue?

One word


If you take action, few minutes a day is better than 30 once a week


To see a clinet back pain success story, go here

Here we go then with step 1

Week 2- Glute stretches

Week 3- booty/butt/glutes

In health

Coach Dave


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