Battling our addiction’s

We all have them.

Battling our addictions

As a health and fitness professional who’s helped countless clients over the years and someone personally who struggled with Alcohol in my younger teenage years till Army days of 21 years old , I see lock-down as tough for a time to battle old or new addictions.

This includes myself. My addiction or lets call these from now on ‘HABITS’.

My habits for over four years have been over-working, any business owner or entrepreneur will know plenty about this. I found again last week I did to much by late Friday evening, reached overwhelm and needed to go of the grid for 2 days hitting probably a few to many beers along with it. Turning off my phone and escaping the world sometimes is amazing.

Big changes bring habit changes

Our lives lost their rhythm roughly 6 weeks ago, with uncertainty, stress and slipping with old or new bad habits is soon to follow.

What have you seen an increase in? Me personally Screen time has went from 1-10 hours per day, I had a slip and drank everyday for 2 weeks before snapping out of it.

Other clients and friends I’ve seen a big alcohol change in consumption, some have taken to crisp or chocolate habits, some stopping exercise routines and some falling off the fitness wagon and hitting sugary sweets.

We’ve lost structure to our days, we don’t have to drive anywhere, need to get dressed or even have a shave if we don’t want. Our social aspects and NORMS of our lives have temporarily changed.

Destructive Habits can come in many recognisable forms, I’m sure we would all 1st think of Alcohol, smoking, legal and illegal drugs. Technology, gaming, laziness and sugar could be others, the list can go on and on. All having short or long term affects on our mental and physical health.

I feel we all have positive habit slippage at the moment and lock-down is showing us the best and worst about who we are and how we deal with stress.

Habitual change

A key to your/my and others around us changing habits from negative impact to positive impact is simple but not easy.

Ever noticed your negative impacts are harder to break, what about starting a new habit? How many times have you said my ‘insert habit’ starts Monday………….

My life experience of 16 years as a fitness professional/PT/coach has me come to my own acronym for the subject on habits- CET (See below)

Childhood– our habits and behavior that are ingrained come from childhood experiences. Grew up in a poor village in the 80’s where drinking at a young age happened. A negative habit formed that will be hard to break and control. See my why blog here about tough childhoods and writing that, helped me find my love for writing and expressing feelings, emotions and start a journey of self awareness. One that helps others feel themselves around me.

Environment- Work in an office with 20 overweight or obese people where cakes, treats and takeaways are the normal? A mix of negative habits and the social norm, something that’s hard to go against the herd and eat healthy. Being healthy, enjoying fitness, your the weird one, black sheep and going against normal is hard.

Triggers– Visual triggers- I wake up each day and as I’m making my coffee I pour a glass of filtered water from the fridge dispenser, this triggers me to see my omega 3 capsules and @drgusnutrtion liver and heart capsules that I take for mitochondrial health. A positive habit. I believe if we can cultivate, manage and have more positive habits than negative habits we will stay healthy and stay on a good path.

A client of ours loves crisps. She has a rough day, goes for the crisps, which lead to chocolate then Rose wine. Cue habit stacking

Habit stacking is something I learned from one of my favorite books atomic habits-positive and negative habits stack on top of each other. When you wake you do X, which reminds you to Y. Out of sight, out of mind.

I realised a profound thought in the last year of reading more self development/stoicism/psychology and than I ever have- I’m not a fitness coach.

I’m a habits coach and behavior coach.

Having the sexiest, most complex training program from some of the amazing companies and coaches out there is useless right now.

It’s useless if you or our clients can’t consistently form positive habit formations and get on a roll, we need to first recognise and admit to ourselves we’ve slipped. Then know how to reset, not beat yourself up when you slip.

If were honest and open with ourselves, we all slip, we all fail, yet failure and adversity are great teachers.

The universe is diverse and baffling, yet one thing I believe is that nothing in the universe stays static.

We beings of matter and energy, energy moves from point A to B, light to dark, hot to cold. All processes of energy manipulation. Cue one of my favorite quotes i use weekly for my clients-


Keep building good habits, even when you slip, fall of the wagon (my next blog) and fail, don’t be hard on yourself. Dust yourself off, surround yourself with positive people, practice gratitude for the many amazing things we have in our lives and last- Help others.

Help others and practice Gratitude, the path to true happiness laid out by our Stoic forefathers some 300BC reportedly

Find yourself a coach that can understand and not judge when you fall of the wagon. Set you some basic action steps and keep you accountable.

We all need a coach, I have 2

We all need mentors, I have 2 I pay for and many others that I admire and follow in the footsteps off.

If you cant seem to hit your goals, regardless of what they are and want help, reach out and book a free intro here-

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