Coach Ben-My why now in 2020

I’ve written my why twice before, each time updating it. Here’s the last one

I’ve had the team do theirs and now it’s time for round 3 for me

So we are 4 years and 5 months into running Ulysses Fitness and nutrition, where next, why and what will drive me to get there. 

My childhood drivers and past have made me who I am today, someone who cares, takes in the damaged and broken and helps them realise Ulysses is the place for them.

Somewhere to belong and be part of a team ( a tribe)

Yet my current self and future self are being crafted from my last few years in business and having 5 amazing years with my wife. 

Things are changing, I’m building  people and personal skills that will help my next few steps and help the team carry on the vision of 10,000 local people locally reducing chronic disease and illness. 

Our Mission starts with our tribe

Why a tribe?

Our gym is home to 100 individuals who are wildly different and yet so much alike. We have very similar beliefs and values which help us communicate and thrive as a tribe.

I used to say we were a family, well families don’t always get on and you can’t choose them! 

I believe one thing that makes us a bit weird and unique is we turn people away, you heard it. 

People are always shocked that a business won’t work with everyone. It’s a very slow yet honourable path forward. 

As I’ve found out in my many mistakes along the way that having too many clients who don’t respect each other’s journey is dangerous, we pride ourselves on our people. 

Our people are the value.

Our people and the way we treat each other, it’s an intangible that most won’t grasp, they coincidentally likely won’t train with us at Ulysses 

Where next for Ulysses?

We’ve seen a surge in our nutrition services lately  after putting in the groundwork for over 1 year with partners HSN Healthy steps nutrition. 

Ulysses nutrition will become the cornerstone/foundation of all help for you, companies, schools and mental health. 

We are building a team that will help us reach into the broken medical model and turn around some chronic illness to avoid disease. 

With coaches/Dietitians and Physios we look to reach out to provide a full spectrum health service. 

Watch this space

Mentoring Vs coaching 

What’s the difference you say? I’d say they are both positions of coaching that teach from experience.

I love coaching clients in fitness and nutrition-(COACHING)

 I love creating and learning systems and coaching coaches/staff to take on these roles, trying to pair the person’s attributes and passions to the role. (MENTORING) 

I’ve found I can help more people by building a team to do what I do and better, with more precision and as much love.

My side step to mentoring

As I’m slowly nurturing staff into my roles, my plan is to act as CEO, still train a few times a week as normal with our clients, in effect being a client and having fun.

My Impact will come from future mentoring work with any or all of the 3 companies that have helped me and my company survive and thrive. I hope to help these companies help more people like me, create careers for great people.

 Ulysses wouldn’t be here without these 3 companies today and the staff wouldn’t have a passion to deliver.

Healthy steps Nutrition (HSN) are our nutrition mentors and partners. I believe in what they do and hold them as number 1 in the industry. Dietitian led and backed with reach across the industry like no other. A great place to start and give back what they helped us with. Systems and relationships over everything else matter. They have a mantra- Simple but not easy

Level Method- We’ve been with these from the beginning, OG’s you may call us, I heard about them on the Two brain radio podcast in April 2018 and knew this was for us. I love being different to others and questioning- why is it done like that? 

 I love safety, I love a clear path to success, I love something known as the power of moments. 

This company had led the way in a different method to just annihilating clients in endless hard workouts that they are not ready for. It’s a system designed to highlight your success every step along the way.  I hope to one day help this company reach more british and European gyms and into schools. 

Two brain business- There is a reason this company is the biggest and best fitness mentor company in the world, they lead by example. Two Brain helped Level method and HSN realise their unique offering and helped develop skills and growth to reach the world. 

With more than 700 gyms, studios/martial art and yoga facilities in the Two Brain family, a massive mentor team that I’d love to join when I’m up to standard and caring that emulates that of Ulysses, this is a no brainer for me. (Pun intended) 

As the Ulysses team grows, I’m slowly getting out of their way, so they can develop and raise the bar without my direct help, so I can develop some more and help other gym and business owners. 

Here’s to the next steps in our journey together


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