Coach Shaun-My why 2020-Ulysses

My why?

Hey I’m Shaun , 28 and a bit of a fitness nut!
I’ve always been involved in sport since I was a kid! It’s something that gives me a lot, whether that be playing team sports or to training alone and working on a weakness I may have.

I’ve been able to make amazing mates and have some really memorable times whilst playing a sport that’s part of me in every way, rugby!

Life lessons learned and stored from many challenges faced playing the sport. Anything from injuries to picking yourself up when you can’t quite be bothered , or to just get to graft in a job in hand!

My why for becoming part of the Ulysses family, I’ve always helped people within the gym. Both as a job role and personal trainer to the annoying guy who comes over to correct from🤷🏼‍♂️. I enjoy helping where I can, and if I can’t then I’ll do my best to help you.
I’ve had a fair few jobs and I’m always gravitating back to coaching/PT as it’s something I really love (not always at 5 am on a freezing morning 😂). But it’s what I enjoy!!

I want to get in and make you work!

Training can sometimes become a chore or harder to get into the gym than the actually workout. But you always feel better for going, the feeling from a good session and waking out the gym is infectious and if I can get people thinking and feeling that way then job done🙌🏻🙌🏻

Coach Shaun


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