create a Flywheel for personal success

What does personal success look like?

First define that, I would love ample time with my wife Rachel, my dog Brewster and lots of outdoor walks/biking/surfing/open water swimming and be financially stable.

The freedom to work with a flexible calendar and help other gym owners find success for themselves. Be healthy, happy and Humble.

Have faith in our company mission to help 10,000 people in Teesside reduce chronic disease and illness.

Have my staff a full time, sustainable living and fulfilling job.

Now I already have lots of this and making my personal flywheel spin is having a clear picture of what my future looks like! But the wheel still needs efficiency, tweaks, oiling and puncture repair!

Using the flywheel

Take these handles or points of the wheel and paint a picture of your own success, your success is the centre point, for the wheel to keep spinning, you need to keep each point/handle greased.

You don’t want any punctures or that will create resistance and reduce speed.

The great thing is, punctures can be repaired and the wheel will spin again.

See where you need some focus right now by reading the 6 points/handles of flywheel performance.

I would advise going in this order of importance, well at least the first 3. As always, we all perceive life and events differently.


I believe you must first define your destination to then build a path/roadmap to get there. Do you want a stable job, want to sell up and move countries, want to climb Everest, have 3 children and a wife or run a dog sanctuary.

Whatever, this is your dream, it’s your future!

I believe you must define it, write it down and build a roadmap to it, with the simplest of tasks each day to get there.


Now you know what your future looks like, your probably going to have someone support you to get there.

No man is an Island and all that! Whether that’s friends, an actual family of wife/husband, kids and 3 dogs or a group of people that are like minded and share the same/similar goal and values.

We call our collective of clients and the staff, our tribe. Go find yours!

We all need support!


Whether its faith in religion, as there is many. Faith in yourself, your team, your family or friends.

We all need it, we all need to know this pandemic will end, all things end.

We all need to believe things will improve, without faith we lack hope and without it we drop apart.

Suicide rates have increased, drug and alcohol abuse and lack of self care.

They all stem from losing your faith, we have all lost it before.

Me when my mother passed away, when my close passed away, both from cancer.

What is lost can be found! Refind your hope/your faith!


Money is a funny subject, some may believe we deserve more, sometimes for doing less.

Money is made up, we created it to give physical and non physical things a value!

Yet we all need it to survive, to feed our families, fuel our cars, save for retirement or book that trip to Disneyland with the kids.

I’m not amazing with money myself, 2 books that have helped me are have a better relationship with it are_


Your time is precious, we give 8-12 hours per day to work for finances, but what about wealth, wealth is a blend of time and finances.

It’s pointless having wads of cash if you cant enjoy freedom. Your freedom will be different to mine do doubt.

Mine as mentioned s the freedom to work under a flexible schedule that I set and have time for my wife and dog.

Freedom far outweighs finances for me, all long as we are stable, healthy and happy!


Think you need to fit, not just now but in the future, 50’s/60’s/70’s and beyond?

Dam right.

Your going to need strong postural muscles to hold up your spine, a healthy ticker to walk/run/surf/bike/row/play with the grand kids.

A strong immune system to fight off illness and disease.

A strong set of bones

Enough flexibility to reduce injury

The list goes on, fitness is important for health, life and longevity

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