Deals, discounts and diets

Weekly we get the usual fitness industry questions

What deals will you offer me?

What is the price of a meal plan?

What discounts will you offer me?

Here at Ulysses, we don’t do discounts, we don’t do deals and don’t teach dieting

We let in only the right clients into our tribe

We know anyone that leads with one of these 3 questions and normally without introduction or courtesy, isn’t right for Ulysses

A different approach 🧠😍😁

We build strong relationships- see last weeks blog

We get to know what drives you (your why)

We build a sustainable fitness and nutrition plan together based around your current habits and modify over time to suit your lifestyle, your job, your family life, your stress levels and outlook on life

Without a relationship, results will not happen, you will fall at the first hurdle

Find a fitness facility that cares, one that holds you accountable and one that is honest with you, even when the truth hurts.

With a strong relationship, great things will happen

If this resonates with you, or someone you know, pass it on.

We are here to help

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