Falling off the wagon

Falling off the wagon

Missing your training session, missing your eating window, not drinking enough water, eating crap the whole weekend or not answering your coach back when they ask for progress

We briefly touched on this in my last blog – https://ulyssesfitness.co.uk///battling-our-addictions/

Switching all of our clients to remote coaching was a scary and exciting time for us 6 weeks ago. We have learned so much about ourselves, our systems and staff, most importantly our clients.

This being the start of our 5th year in business and in these 6 weeks we have built deeper relationships with our clients than in the other 4 years. Crazy hey. Weekly personal zoom calls where just like our mentors in business and nutrition we get chance to break down personal, nutrition and training challenges, empathise with family losses, laugh together, grieve and grow together.

We call our collection of clients, staff and me, our ‘TRIBE’, we act as one and these hard times have given us true reflection.

Our tribe has weathered the covid shit storm together well, supporting the self employed and employed who got furloughed. Delivering food parcels and gifts, volunteering and even helping change a tire when a member was under isolation.

Even with all of the systems, support and caring ( cue our next blog) our super power, we’ve all struggled in our own various ways.

Here are a few sample stories with names changed, but the context and rawness is kept. I’m sure we can all resonate with them.

Gemma loves fitness, its her mental health release. As much as she loves fitness, it takes the smallest push/knock or bump in the road to knock her off the fitness path. Once the wheels fall of the wagon, the truck body feels the affects. Forgetting the simple things like drinking water, sugary snacks a plenty and takeaways. A feeling of why should I even bother puts her into a dark cycle, messages from the coach get Ghost’ed and days can pass by.

Frank loves fitness, loves feeling amazing and laughs continuously, from a coach perspective I think Frank is probably the overall fittest, most well rounded in our gym.When frank is on form, he’s unstoppable. Days at work pass by with a smile and sessions at the gym leave him on a high. This lock-down has had Frank, feeling fat after putting on a few pounds, yet being very lean. A feeling of why should he even bother. Frank see’s others doing well, faster times/bigger scores in workouts and this brings a feeling of ‘I’m not good enough’. Its a vicious cycle of thoughts that never end well.

Sarah joined us after bad experiences at other gyms that simply made her feel terrible. From the second she joined our tribe, things changes. Making friends, feeling whole and finding a love for weightlifting. Lock-down is a different story, increased work load and pressure and seeing other people on social media have Sarah feeling low and blue. Seeing others on Facebook ‘Coping really well’. We all know what we see on social is a highlight of someones day and no true reflection of life.

What Sarah, Frank and Gemma all have in common is self defeatist talk in their own heads.

Why do we do this, why do we beat ourselves up?

Well we have 2 sides to our brain ‘shock’, one side logic, one side emotion. Go read chimp paradox if you haven’t already. A great book on mind management and not listening to that voice in our heads, simply I refer to as the chimp.

Our chimps all act different, I feel my chimp has been overcome somewhat since starting down a stoic path. I see stoicism as Idol/mentor Tim Ferris said something like – ‘Stoicism is like an operating system for overcoming challenges in life’ (Don’t quote me on that!) We all have days when our negative self talk wins. Practicing to observe the thoughts, but not listen is the key I have found.

The path to self awareness is s long one, sometimes going back to go forward, overcoming massive incomprehensible challenges along the way. Obstacle is the way- my favorite ever book, 11 reads/listens in and I take something new from it each time. It could be great time to pick it up and see if it helps you.

Build resilience through practice– In the last few years I lost my mother to cancer, last year I was days away from losing the business after encouraging 53% of our clients to leave our gym after realising they were the wrong people for our tribe. Business suicide some thought. Only just to recover from Covid-19. This is life and we must take the path of most resistance and self belief to not just survive, but thrive.

Survive and thrive– I challenge you to see this strange situation as a way to come back after licking our wounds, lost the battle but not the war.

I believe we will thrive post covid19.

I believe in you

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