fitness and nutrition hacks to build muscle fast

My fitness and nutrition hacks to build muscle fast

Lets just say weight loss and weight gain are on opposite ends of the goal spectrum.

When losing weight in general you will need

7+ Hours sleep per night

Eat 3 meals a day with some veggies, ideally half a plate of veggies

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day

Reduce alcohol, lower the better

Cut sugar back to natural sources only and don’t eat fruit on its own

Find some way of managing stress- yoga, meditation

Move more, like 10,000 steps a day

Exercise 3-5 times a week, something that either keeps your heart rate high for a sustained period or intervals where you raise it and recover it for some extra visceral fat burning options

Most people lack structure to their day, habits are harder to build when we are all over the place, think weekends, think holidays.

Think about the days when everything changes and you end up somewhere you don’t normally, did you do well that day?

Set a routine!

Now to building muscle

Let’s first identify, do you want to get stronger or gain muscular size, or both?

In general when wanting to build muscle or get stronger you will need to eat more, more than a normal days intake.

You could add a meal, add a snack, drink a protein shake or add the protein into some yoghurt.

The possibilities are endless

Just eat more

I mean the idea of getting stronger is that you micro tear you’re muscles, that damage will take some repair, and to do that you’ll need some extra energy.

So now we know we’ll need to eat more (we’ll address that further, later), lets look at how to get strong and how to get big.

They require different training methods

Add mass- Pump the muscle up! (Reebok pumps anyone?)

To add mass you’ll need to truly overload the muscle with higher rep movements, normally in the 8-15 hypertrophy (muscular growth) or 15 above range (endurance)

Once the muscles top responding to that, and they will, you’ll need to switch it up

Hello supersets!

Anyone that has done mass building with me will know how much this sucks, it’s painful for sure!

Supersets being 2 movements back to back with no rest, ouchy!

So you can do the same muscle group twice, but with different movements- biceps and biceps

Or hit the opposing muscle in a superset, like biceps to triceps

Both work really well

I’m a big fan of hitting the same muscle twice, one with a big movement to wipe out the big prime movers and another movement focussed on control to wipe out the small supporting balancing muscles

This morning I did kneeling landmine press into cable 45 degree across the body pulls, Wowzer.

There is no wrong or right combination, some will work for some and not others, we are built a little different.

Try big moves and small ones, big weights into small small weights, different movement patterns with twisting and different objects

Once again months down the line, you’re muscles stop responding, move next into into failure sets

This morning on the shoulder supersets I went to complete failure on both moves, think jelly arms, muscles screaming with super intense burning and actually failing to do another rep

The big landmine press I was getting 15 reps and the cables 7, it was a great combo. I may struggle to wash my hair later!

If you always use machines use free-weights, if you always use a barbell, use a Dumbbell or kettlebell, the new tool will help stimulate growth.

Getting strong

Normally in the 3-8’ish rep ranges

Using big weights and big compound movements (using more than 1 joint) aim to replicate the session often to stimulate strength.

Strength being the ability to move heavy loads for several reps, ever heard of 5×5? It’s the simplest and most affective program for beginners and intermediates

Once your training age increases (years and years of training weights) you’ll need to switch to something a little more complex and add some extra days

Beginners and intermediates – same session/muscle group twice a week

Advanced- same session/muscle group twice a week or two days strength and 1 day muscle building in the middle.


You’ll need 48 hours between muscle groups/ same or similar sessions to recover well enough, even longer if you are new to weights

When you have being doing weights for 17 years like I have, you’ll need to stimulate growth in other ways.

I like to do a big legs or glutes movement for 5 sets and then into some upper body part.

For example

If you train legs each time, you’ll still be able to walk!

Monday- Slow deadlifts with no touch to failure into shoulder supersets

Tuesday- 5 sets of 10-15 reps single leg kettlebell deadlifts into back supersets

Wednesday- 5 sets 5×5 or 5×10 back squats into chest supersets

Thursday- 5 sets Heavy deadlifts 3-8 reps into Shoulder supersets (new)

Friday- Hip thrusts into back and arms supersets

Saturday and Sunday rest

Whatever level, just be consistent, there is no magic.

With strength or muscle building you will need extra calories, don’t bulk just by eating crap it’s still possible and will probably work really well, but it’s not as good for you’re health and you’ll add more fat that way.

Keep it lean in protein, just eat it more often to help that muscle growth, you’ll need extra good fats like butter and olive oil

(Fat does not make us fat!)

Add an extra meal instead of stuffing you’re face

Keep it simple, keep it consistent

As Nike say, Just do it!

Training is simple, but not easy

In health

Coach Ben


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