Gym-Winter survival guide 2020-2021

For those of you approaching your first winter at Ulysses Fitness and Nutrition or gym elsewhere in the U.K, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you keep moving, keep warm, stay injury free and fire up your well needed immune system.

Motivation vs Success find our blog on it here-

We have written about this a time, most people think you need motivation, need to find motivation like some mythical beast from Harry potter in order to get success.

How about this flipside, success comes 1st, By getting out of bed, making your bed, following your normal routine, walking the dog, smiling on dark mornings or making it to the gym that day.

Always choose an easy win! From there stack habits- read our blog here on how to do that-

Other methods for success

  • Set goals- Book a coach check in for a kick up the ass/virtual hug or body composition scan to keep the eye on the prize during winter.
  • Buddy up- Get an accountability partner, if you meet some newbies, partner up with the, Give them your wisdom and as always helps 1st.
  • Utilise our Facebook group- Ulysses tribe, there is always motivation and info o keep us on track
  • Suck it up. If you really care about your health and fitness, turning up to training isn’t hard.

Layer up, it’s cold out

Base layers are essential in winter. They keep you warm but are breathable. Thanks to the bigger market now, you can find lots of cost-effective base layers. Get the tops and bottoms. You’ll soon warm up and will want to lose the layers. 

  • Keep your hoodies/sweaters and long pants on during the warm-ups and skill work, and back on during the cool-downs.
  • Keep your warmer outer layers on during strength sessions to stay warm during all the rest time.
  • We don’t and can’t heat a space the size of an industrial warehouse, get used to it, winter training is fun and tests your mental capacity.
  • Look at the population Iceland for example. Insanely cold yet insanely healthy population. They rock.
  • Head wear- we love morphs/snoods at Ulysses, they allow heat to escape from the top of the head.

Fuel the fire

You are more likely to make poor food choices in winter.

Less parmo’s people and more whole foods.

Your dietary habits will affect your immune system and given that the immune system is a bit weaker, you need to fuel yourself properly. Especially this year!

  • Get your Omega-3 fish oils in. Not only do they help your immune system, but they keep the joints healthy too.
  • The longer hours of darkness during the winter can lead to drops in happiness hormones, which may cause the low mood known as SAD-seasonal affective disorder.
  • See last years video on that below in last years video.
  • Supplement with vitamin D- I recommend a spray as it absorbs through the mouth, avoid tablets. We simply don’t get enough in the winter and its critical to most health functions and fighting of colds!
  • Eat clean and seasonal, root veggies, broths, soups, stews this time of year. Don’t forget just a little mash!

Improve sleep – see last years video on what tricks I use.

Show Up

Ultimately you are responsible for getting yourself to the gym. Take ownership, turn up and we’ll do the rest.

Is it going to be more challenging? Absolutely. But you signed up for this knowing it’s not Zumba or hot yoga.

It’s tough. It gets results and it will be a great feeling when you get to the start of spring knowing that you survived winter at the gym and are all the better for it.

Layer up and show up …

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Coach Ben

Here’s last years winter survial video-


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