Habit stacking

Yesterday we spoke about selling relationships not results
The day before, which comes 1st – Success or motivation?
Let’s today address habits
Once we have that one habit nailed down, the simplest one and its become automatic, your ready for the next
Ever heard of habit stacking ?
A number of habits linked together, that the 1st one sets of an automatic response to
Here’s one of mine
Wake up-Check my HRV-clothes on-walk to kitchen for coffee-see and take my omega 3’s- wash it down with Kefir from the fridge
Start with just adding 2 together
Lights on and stretch ( maybe a scorpion) or brush teeth and do 30 calf raises or make a cup of tea and do 20 bench push ups
Make it a clear and visual trigger
Once it’s nailed down, add another and repeat
If your struggling to build habits, go back to mindset, find a coach that cares and that will keep you accountable


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