Habits- why rewards work

So day 3 of me banging on about habits

Day 1 was triggers, what sets us off.

What do we see or feel that sets of our automatic sub routine of the brain, from our unconscious mind?

Yesterday for example I was deep in thought whilst in the kitchen, I was trying to figure something out.

Before I knew it I’d emptied the waste coffee grounds from the machine, filled it up with fresh coffee, frothed some milk and peculated a coffee.

That doesn’t sound weird?

I didn’t even want coffee, I had no intention of making it. It was past my 10am coffee curfew, so I drank it anyway as my unconscious brain had made it for me.

It like the times you drive somewhere and don’t know how you got there, maybe you just moved house and ended up at your old house instead!

I did that a couple of times after moving!


Some are positive, some are useful, some maybe deemed negative and some annoying!

Habits are hard to make and harder to break. Referencing the BJ Fogg model again.

Day 2 we talked about designing your own triggers to start new habit. We can design our new habits, we must make them easy though.

The new habit must be easy and simple and attached to a long term ingrained habit.

Going to the fridge, brushing you’re teeth, having a pee, going to bed, getting in the car, putting something into the bin.

They are old routines, like me and the coffee, we just do them.

So attach (known as anchoring) to the old habit.

Myself and head coach Dave often have ladies do 5 push ups on the kitchen worktop each time they turn on the kettle! This is simple and easy and it fits the other rules.

Today lets add emotion

Again BJ Fogg says that we don’t stick to eating healthy (a vague goal) eating more veggies, walking the dog, losing weight or whatever you are trying to work on, mainly because its not fun, not rewarding.

The missing link is emotion, think back to you’re child’s 1st steps or you’re dogs toilet training, how much praise did they get?

Scooby doo and scooby snacks anyone?

Reward yourself, not with cookies! with praise.

Get out of bed and as soon as you’re feet hit the ground, say to yourself, it’s going to be a great day! Or when you look in the mirror to brush you’re teeth.

Set the targets small, like in blog 2 and BJ Fogg’s flossing 1 tooth, his target is only ever 1 tooth, anymore is a bonus and he can feel happy that has achieved for the day.

Making our goals smaller

We love goals, they drive us! If they are to big and not tangible, we fail.

Want to do 100 push ups, how about starting with 1 or 5 every time you pee, making sure to say to yourself, I’ve achieved my goal today each time!

Want to run a mile, your actual goal could be to walk to the phone box/mailbox or even just putting on you’re running trainers.

Want to lose 100 pounds, well every single pound should be celebrated and that goal that week is to lose 1 pound, no more.

We are not recognised anymore as adults, think of the walking baby or the dog training.


We use a very unique fitness grading system called level Method, the fitness map has 540 squares on it, each square is a an achievable task, just a little harder than the last.

We reward our clients, I reward myself when I improve (Level up) It’s what keep us engaged and our clients longer.

Keep goals broken down into their smallest pieces, make them tiny and make sure you keep them tiny.

Making fitness fun and making it achievable and recognisable is key!

Come try Level Method today!

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