How being Crafty with your money can improve health


I love the acronym CRAFT, I ask this as part of our free intro process to help clients help manage cash flow and find money to spend on their health and fitness.

Are you conscious of where your money is wasted, could it be used elsewhere on improving your health?

With the money you consciously could save, how would you use it? Yoga, golf lessons, Bootcamp, Personal training, horse-riding, a walking holiday or Nutrition.

All would be great choices, It’s all down to what you love, what you value!

Last blog I wrote about your personal flywheel and one of the parts was finances, with 2 good books to help with that.

Here’s the blog if you missed it How being Crafty with your money can improve health


We are certainly constantly changing as a society, habits, behaviour, fashion and so on. We’ve always been social creatures, we lived in tribes (we call our collective a tribe). Covid has upset the balance there!

We love meeting for coffee, it’s a big part of peoples lives. For business and with our friends. Now with the invention of drive through coffee, we are never without!

Beware of that unconscious money Pit, if your a one Big chain coffee fan, you’ll no doubt be hitting the £3-4 daily mark. In a work week £15-20

It’s easily done


We are in the heart of Middlesbrough in the Tees Valley/Teesside, we have an insane and diverse range of restaurants, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, English, Caribbean, English, Greek, Italian, and so on.

We are truly spoilt for choice! A blessing and a curse at the same time. If I had to choose my favourite would be Meze lounge a family owned traditional Turkish place, truly immense.

We all should buy and shop local and certainly now like the fitness industry, the hospitality sector is struggling, family ran businesses need the most support in my belief.

Yet before I turn into a trip advisor! If your looking to save some money to invest in your health and fitness, this could a a great place to start. Home cooking with whole foods all the way.


I think we all know it isn’t good for us, but do it anyway! Including myself, bad habits from the British Army for sure!, bad habits are hard to break.

Full lockdown didn’t do us any good, we slipped, used it for treating stress and fell off the wagon. Again I did myself but have got myself back fit and healthy again.

Keep it under control by limit buying it for the house, if its in, you’ll drink it! Wine Wednesdays anyone! I wrote 2 blogs on my/our struggles in early lockdown, they may help you or a friend.

Battling our addictions and Fell of the wagon

In any case, if your supporting your local Pub, I’m proud! If your looking to save some money, drink council pop instead (Water for any none 80’s kids)

Fast Food

Although there probably isn’t a massive difference in Takeaways and Fast-food, Let’s just label fast food as pre made or ready in under 5minutes.

For the drive through versions, like the biggest chain in the world, we have 4 of them in Boro alone I believe.

Chemically altered oils that cook faster to reduce waiting times won’t only wreck your immune system right now but it will empty your wallet fast to!

If your looking to get healthy, swerve them and hit the salad and a good protein source.


Just like our insane amount of restaurants, we have loads more takeaways in Middlesbrough (Boro).

To many maybe? , again a diverse range and lots of choice, we all know takeaways are tasty but if your looking to stay/keep/get healthy and lean it’s a great place to reinvest your money elsewhere.

Your waistline will thank you!

Spending will only get us out of a financial hole that we’ve been thrown in for sure!

2020 is the year we need an immune system, strong resistance to a virus, cold and unfortunately all the things on the list above cant help you with that.

In health

Coach Ben


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