How to start a 90 day transformation

What is a 90 day transformation?

If you live local and you are a lady, you may see our 12 week ladies challenge on Facebook.

A challenge/kickstart, they are both words we use to help describe the change in yourself you are going to see.

See Mark (above), one of our recent 90 day transformations, yes we accpt guys too!

Where does it all start?

Well it all starts with you wanting to change something in you’re life, wanting to something different, wanting to be someone different.

Have you had enough of being overweight?

Do you have a lack of energy at work?

Do low moods and depression stop you from leaving the house?

You don’t feel body confident anymore?

Are you wanting to stop drinking or smoking or drugs?

These are some of the reasons people want to change when they join us.

That bit is all you, once you’ve had enough and change needs to happen, you are ready for the next step.

Reaching out- You can get in touch by what’s app or phone on 07850087178, by email, on our website or carrier pigeon if you like.

Booking a free consult, do that here , we call them free intro’s.

A free intro is a 30 minute sit down chat where we deep dive into getting to know you.

We use this model at Ulysses which we’ve created to help visualise how our relationship together is built

We call it relationships to results.

It starts with trust.

A few days back I had an intro with a lovely women, 58 years young and we invited her to join our tribe.

She said at the end of our 30minute chat ” I feel that I already know you and trust you, which is mad in 30 minutes”

The intro chat works best and clients join us when they are 1st ready for change, Elaine was.

They next is that people open up in our consult, we do that with a technique called motivational interviewing, it’s mentioned heavily in my blog here

When you open up and tell us truly why you are here, truly why change needs to happen, we can help you.

If its I just want to lose 10 pounds to get into a bikini in summer, you probably wouldn’t stick at it and probably wouldn’t join our tribe.

Trust is a 2 way thing, in the consult I always tell personal stories about myself or our clients stories (without their names)

This signals, we’ve been there and understand, yo can trust us, we will guide you on your journey.

Finding the right services for you

So from what you tell us, we reconfirm what you’ve been telling us in a summary, to both show we’ve been listening and so you know care and we get you.

Next comes the prescription, it’s called the prescriptive model.

We prescribe a 90 day transformation depending on what you tell us, it truly that way is bespoke.

Everyone gets a different prescription.

We have around 50 options between nutrition, Personal training variances of duration like 30 minute, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, number of times per week/month you could do that, 2 styles of group classes with variances in attendances like 9,13,17 and 21 times a month and nutrition coaching.

The choices would make your head spin and overwhelm would stop you choosing, that’s why I help by prescribing a blend of services that suit you’re time/budget and goals. I call them the big 3.

The big 3 decision makers are what help you decide what’s right for you, I listen out for these in your 30minute consult and guide you.

Our client base it getting older, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and up to 85 years young now, transformations we have found and proven with data that they help kickstart your new journey to be a better version of yourself.

It starts with trust, builds a relationship and ends in results.

I’m here when you are ready to chat.

In the meantime check out our rankings on google!

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