I took leftover fish fingers out of the bin and ate them!

Don’t ask me why because I really can’t tell you.     Greed, emotions, mental health, going through a very emotional divorce, not wanting to waste!!!!! Who knows??.     

The fact is I really don’t know why, and it still haunts me to this day.

But I took leftover fishfingers from the out of the bin and ate them, cold, soggy and covered in cold baked beans. YES I REALLY DID THIS. +

This was my bin, by the way, not a random bin I came across 🤪  and they were on top of newspapers and the bin was clean. Just so you know I’m not that dirty 🤦‍♀️)

WHY?   Again I can’t answer, but I learnt from that day about my connection with food and how low I’d become in eating for the sake of eating.   Emotional eating, greed eating.    This was a long long time ago, but a plethora of feelings- guilt, anger, frustration, dirty, sorry, scary ect- still get to me to this day.    

I started to put dirty things on top of the leftovers, ashtrays, hoover waste, cat litter. (just so I knew I’d never do it again).   Why did i do this you may ask.?

Why not just be strong and have willpower?  Well the fact is, I didn’t have much willpower back then and I let my emotions rule me. 

My emotional eating was and always has been my biggest concern where food is concerned.   A lot of my emotions where laid bare for everyone to see as I couldn’t control them back then and my eating habits spiralled out of control along with them.   

It’s taken me years to master the choices that go along with emotional eating and how to control my cravings.  

Brushing my teeth was a good one and has stopped me eating or over eating over the years (it’s even helped me stop smoking in the past too). 

Going for a walk to get away from food too.  (Which isn’t as easy with a takeaway on every corner these days). 

Writing. Even a few pages in a journal or diary and finding the connection and putting the pieces together can help.    

Getting to know yourself and what makes you tick isn’t easy and takes time in acknowledging the way your emotions work.   But trying is the first step to success. 

Having someone around to have accountability is a massive win.  If you know that person cares and is wanting you to not make the same mistakes or even just knowing you can talk about these issues is a weight lifted.  

A problem shared is a problem halved, right?!?..   

Accountability should be your number one priority, if like me you need to know that someone is on hand to help with mistakes and mishaps and to get you back on track.

Just knowing someone is there and is willing to help you through and to see light at the end of the tunnel, helps keep you on track.

I wish I had a coach back then, then maybe it wouldn’t of taken me years to lose all the unwanted emotion pounds I’d put on.  

If like me you struggle with emotional eating, over eating or just generally have a difficult, unhealthy connection with food, then reach out to me or one of our amazing nutrition coaches and let us help you.   

Trust me, trust the process and start your healthy journey. Click that free intro link and let’s get you started today.   There is no time like the present.   

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy. 🦄🌈♥️

Coach Yvonne xx


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