Lockdown 2.0, how we’ll help you crush results

Hey tribe

So lockdown, here we go again! 

If you prefer to hear/see rather than read, I’ve left a video here

This model has been developed with our business mentors Two brain business and our peers from across 700+ gyms across the world, who look to push the gold standard in the Industry and serve better.

Caring is our super power!

In times of hardship, challenges and adversity I use guidance from stoic philosophy. 

Simply control what we can!  The rest we cannot control and isn’t worth wasting our energy on

We’ll be learning what we did last time and trying out some new cool stuff too! 

You’ll all be moved into our online training systems, online training starts at £100 month. 

We’ll be honouring your current rates so need to worry there, what ever rate your paying now is what you’ll pay.

We will use a model called SEMM




Manage (stress) 

Don’t fancy our online zoom classes?, good we have other parts of the SEMM model to use that day/week/month 

Here at Ulysses we don’t sell fitness, fitness is just a bi-product

We sell coaching

We sell relationships

We sell accountability 

With the strong relationships we hold, you get Results

Results are your ultimate goal

Using SEMM we will be coaching you all to your individual goals. 

It will be delivered Monday-Friday by coach contact (text/whats app)  and the added bonus of 1 x weekly call (10mins by zoom/whats app video chat) 

What will you get-Equipment 

Each client is loaned 1 piece of equipment for home use, included in your online membership. Dumbbell or Kettlebell

Want another piece, simply ask and we’ll setup a recurring weekly charge till end Lockdown. £2.50 per piece per week (Stock depending)

Want something bigger? Bike/rower or barbell set £10 week 

Equipment can be picked up in these windows on Thursday 5th November 

9am-12 pm and 4pm-7pm

Outside of this we’ll do our best to accommodate 

Get bored 2 weeks in and want to swap the weight/equipment? No issue, we’ll do our best to accommodate that (Stock depending)

You get access to zoom classes of timings below, subject to change to see what you need in the weeks ahead

Monday to Friday 9.15am/12pm /4.15pm/6.15pm

Saturday 9am/Sunday 9am

Classes will be booked via the Ulysses and nutrition app so we know what days you need coaching on.

Fairness in membership

Modified workouts and texts will be sent out on the days you train and linked to your membership tier

8 sessions- 8 modified workouts /12- 12 modified workouts/16 modified workouts/Unlimited- 20 modified workouts

Regardless of your tier, you’ll see 7 days worth of the program on chalk it, so you could do as many training days as you like.

Expect added bonuses like follow along stretching videos, quiz nights and more

Other tools for success- You are allowed to train outside with 1 person outside of your bubble, we all need an accountability partner.

Get one, its a great time to catch up, hike, bike, walk, run, whatever makes you tick!

If you’ve decided none of this is for you, we respect that, here’s your 30 day cancelation link- Until then we’ll follow the SEMM model and help you out achieve those goals. 

Cancellation link https://ulyssesfitness.co.uk/cancellation/

Action steps-

1- Fill in the form so we know how to help you, do that Here


2- Pick up your equipment Thursday 9-12 or 4pm-7pm

3-Find an accountability partner 

Lets keep the good habits from last lockdown and banish/reduce the bad ones!

In health

Coach Ben


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