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Adam’s words

My name is Adam and I have been a member at Ulysses for 8 months. Initially I was sceptical as I had never been one for going to gyms and didn’t have a great deal of confidence in myself but I knew that I needed something, I just didn’t know what.

From the first meeting with Ben it was clear to me that there would be no pressure to join and if I felt that it wasn’t for me, we would just shake hands and part company.

That first meeting put me completely at ease and I knew straight away that it was the place I wanted to join to become a better me.

I was set up with a plan that was tailored to my needs and from that point I have never looked back.


The foundations stage was great, I had the chance to really get to know the coaches on a one to one basis and find my strengths and weaknesses (of which there were many).

I remember going to my first class feeling very nervous sat outside, but on arrival the other members quickly introduced themselves and the nerves just disappeared.

Since then each class has been different and I have met more and more genuine people who create an amazing togetherness I had not felt before.


My goal at first was to lose weight and within four weeks I had lost 6kg and felt great, but more than anything else I felt more confident and wanted to push myself to gain skills that I never expected to have.

A big boost was levelling up on my deadlift twice in a week. For someone who had never lifted a weight before I felt a real sense of pride in myself and the way the coaches celebrate your achievements with you just makes Ulysses even more special.

Yesterday I jogged alongside my daughter on her bike, a year ago I would not have even considered attempting that.

My goal now is to keep improving my health and fitness so that I can do things like that with my children for many years to come, and I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.


For anyone looking to feel better about themselves, improve fitness and well-being then Ulysses is the best place for it, the support and guidance from coaches and members is incredible.

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