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My CrossFit journey

Prior to CrossFit I have partaken in a variety of team sports but have consistently competed in field hockey. Like most others I have signed up to gym memberships and attended once monthly, having no idea what to do, embarrassed to lift light weighs in comparison to other gym users and could never comprehend why the PT’s insisted on making clients perform what I thought, in my ignorance, were ridiculous movements using kettlebells and dumbbell’s when there were perfectly good machines right there to use.

 My CrossFit journey started mentally at the end of 2017. Following a serious accident at work if found myself stuck at home throwing myself a pity party, grinding my way through anything and everything on Netflix. It’s here I stumbled across the fittest on earth documentary, I was immediately attracted to CrossFit.

This attraction was ignited after hearing that Mat Fraser had also suffered with serious back injuries, yet here he was competing at a top level. 

My physical CrossFit journey started 6 months later when I was given the okay to partake in physical exercise again. I shoved myself straight out of my comfort zone and signed up to a taster session at a box in Surrey. To summarise my taster session in one word – Addicted.

I found I could train only twice a week primarily, my work commitments and fatigue from the previous WOD made sure of that, but I found I could not wait to train again, I craved the rush and burn from working out. I found myself able to train more frequently and the early progress I was making was remarkable. Whenever I travelled back to Middlesbrough to visit family I felt like my training took a backwards step and I was frequently disheartened, but I was too nervous to reach out to other CrossFit boxes, but enough was enough. I started to sign up to drop in sessions at CrossFit Ulysses when I was in the north and immediately realised I had no reason to be nervous, I was absolutely certain if I ever moved back to the north east I would join CrossFit Ulysses as a full-time member. 

I moved back to the north east in December 2019 and joined the Ulysses tribe immediately.

The foundation program all new members undertake was incredible, it safely checked what I was physically capable of and I could not have been made to feel more welcome by Ben, Dave and Yvonne (A team of heroes in my eyes). They have all collectively helped me with: physical progression, goal setting and nutritional advice.

My goals have been clear from the outset of joining Ulysses, I want to start competing in this sport and push my physical and mental capabilities in doing so. This has been nothing but supported and nourished, especially by coach Dave who has committed to competing in a pairs competition with me at the end of the year, an event coach Ben has said he would attend to support as a spectator. 

I was only with Ulysses a few months before the world was stunned by the Covid-19 pandemic and life as we know it grinded to a halt. The box had to shut (temporarily). I have voiced my opinion to the coaches personally but I’m grateful I have the opportunity to do this publicly.

I have seen first-hand how destruction lock-down can be for some people so have nothing but admiration and respect for the Ulysses coaches. The support, in all forms imaginable, can only be considered heroic, they have been there to support every individual member every single day of lockdown.

This isn’t a facade to drum up future interest in memberships, this is a group of remarkable individuals who have every member’s best interests in mind with every step and decision that is made, they personify Fitness, Health and Wellness.

Whenever anyone tells me they want to: lose weight, get fit, get strong or try something new, the first words to always leave my mouth are Ulysses. An opportunity to make the changes you want with support, structure and zero risk of discrimination. What more can an individual want?

As some will be aware, CrossFit is changing. The world will no longer tolerate discrimination and Ulysses have echoed this.

Ulysses opted to de-affiliate from CrossFit to ensure they continue down the right health and wellness path and I feel grateful to be part of this new chapter of Ulysses’ story.

Coach Ben continues to adapt, improve and move forward in the health and wellness field and is taking all members: new, old and future, with him with his ever-improving team of staff and facilities.

To summarise, I could not recommend Ulysses more to anyone who wants to change their health and lifestyle, you are not just joining a gym, you’re joining a tribe of positivity and change.


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