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Hi I’m Andrea.  I’m a Welfare Rights Officer for a busy social housing group helping our customers to overcome the challenges of a complex benefits system.

I spend a lot of time in my car and visiting people at home or I’m office based.   I love everything about my job but recognise that it’s pretty sedentary and look for ways to get moving throughout the day such as parking 10-15 minutes away from home visits to get some steps in or doing a set of squats whilst waiting at the printer…no one really bats an eye anymore!

Keeping fit, staying strong and eating well is definitely more important to me as I get older and whilst I love to get outdoors and hike whenever I can I’ve struggled to stay engaged in the offerings of regular gyms where staff turnover is rapid and you’re often a nameless face in a large group.

I don’t think my experience of Ulysses is unique and I say that in that most positive way!   I know that so many people feel the way I do.   Walking through the door 6 months ago has been the best decision I have made in my fitness journey!

I’d wanted to try functional fitness for some time and dropped by (without an intro appointment) to see what it was all about.    I was met by the sight of two guys doing weighted pull up’s whilst still managing to joke around with each other!   Rather than flee I was struck by Ben’s attention and encouragement to the others in the group who were hard at it doing (what I didn’t realise at the time) progressive movements that move you towards that pull up goal….still a long way off for me!

I absolutely loved Foundations which is an introduction to the Level Method of training.  Coaches take you through the functional movements over 4 personal training sessions to assess your fitness levels, strength and flexibility and to learn the skills needed to take safely part in the regular work outs.  

I’d been doing some light weight lifting at my previous training facility but my poor technique was seldom picked up in a large group so one to one provides a perfect grounding for constructive coaching and I was surprised at how keen I was to understand technique.  My goal has been to improve my core and upper body strength and it feels good to not only feel but visibly track my progression on Level.

Ulysses has created a phenomenal culture of inclusiveness and community.   I love that everyone does the same daily workout tailored to your own level of ability.  Coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and take interest in your development and what’s gong on in your life that may have an impact on that. Your success is genuinely their goal.  .

Like many I’ve struggled during lockdown, my mental wellbeing has taken a battering and my resilience has been tested.    Ulysses foresight and response to lockdown has been exceptional to ensure that we were still able to work out at home from loaning equipment (even the big stuff), to providing multiple daily works (recognising that things need to be changed up to stay motivated),   As well as being able to book a weekly zoom check-in with a your named coach and for me that check in was key. 

Poor coach Dave’s daily WhatsApp check in sometimes went unanswered but his particular brand of straight talking when we did catch up was so appreciated and kept me accountable when I wasn’t feeling it.

I’m delighted to get back to train safely outdoors with lovely people who inspire and encourage each other and celebrate the gains.…even in the wind and the rain and one morning doing sit ups  in the puddle on my mat!   For that hour each morning I leave feeling that I have invested in me and it sets me up for the day 🙂

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