Member Story Andy D

Ulysses is my therapy.

After years of not really being able to play any sports due to chronic arthritis in my left knee, I found CrossFit around 5 years ago and this was a form of exercise I could manage with my damaged knee – I was hooked from then on in.

The functional fitness has led to massive improvements in my body composition, strength and I feel a huge difference in how I look and feel – very much a work in progress still (largely due to enjoying myself too much on weekends!! But its all a balance).

However around 18 months ago, due to family and work commitments, I realised I wasn’t getting value for money anymore at my existing facility.

I started with a class a week at Ulysses at first whilst visiting my existing facility when I still could, Ben and the coaches were very knowledgable and started to rebuild how I was working out, I didn’t have to be the fastest or strongest the idea is to do things right and trust the process.

It became obvious to me I had to pick a facility, I chose Ulysses, due to the class times, the coaching, smaller classes and the constant striving for improvement that Ulysses has in its mentality (plus I could car share with Ben Brown every day!).

Ben and Dave are two great coaches who have a lot of time for every member and have built an incredible culture within the group of people who attend Ulysses, there is no discrimination, favouritism or special treatment for the more capable members, everyone is treat the same and its infectious, every class is mixed ability, everyone encourages each other and it doesn’t matter who, what or how fit you are !

But you can also always find a way to be competitive if that’s something you strive for.

I would like to thank Ben and Dave for their dedication during the COVID-19 Pandemic, they guided and helped me through lockdown with daily calls, adapted workouts and constantly changing things based on client feedback, I have come out of lockdown and am still relatively fit which I couldn’t have done with out all of the support!

Away from the ‘gym’ I have a stressful job that often means long hours, lots of tough business decisions and time away from my family (proud husband and father to 3 children), Ulysses gives me a part of my day where I focus on one thing – me! outside of classes there is so much more support from the staff and the rest of the tribe – I know there is someone who can always answer my questions and help set targets and goals. Ulysses is my gym, my nutritionist, my set of friends but above all else Ulysses is my therapy!

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