Member story Ben B

In 2015 I made a decision to lose weight and get healthy. I was unhappy with how much I’d let myself go, tipping the scales at almost 23 stone, I was so unhealthy and unfit.

I did a “quick fix” diet plan and lost a lot of weight over 6 stone in 6 months, I then started exercising thinking this would keep my weight in check but I could never find anything to keep me motivated, and especially as I didn’t really understand what I needed for nutrition inevitably I started to put weight back on.I had every excuse, busy family life, working lots of hours, no time to prepare meals no time to exercise….I first found Ulysses when looking for a gym that did a 6am class, I figured if I could exercise early it would give me a head start to the day without impacting on family life, as my wife Andrea works full time as a teacher and we have 2 girls.

One of the biggest attractions for me was that Ulysees advertised “health and well-being”. This was what I’d been looking for, not just to get fit but to stay fit, healthy and get much needed education on nutrition.I’ve been with Ulysees since January 2018 and I have to say I got exactly what I wanted and so much more.

I recall my first visit just to check it out, I spoke briefly with coach Ben, he was so welcoming and asked me about my motivation to join, I was instantly at ease and felt like Ben understood exactly why I was there, I was booked on for 6am the next morning and there was no looking back.I quickly realised these were no ordinary fitness classes, I’d never been worked so hard, finishing every session in a sweaty heap shortly followed by a massive rush of endorphins and always a high 5 from fellow members.

I was learning how to correctly execute all kinds of movement, squats, push ups, sit ups, rowing, burpees, pull ups to name a few… also anything to do with a kettlebell, dumbbell and barbell. No matter the movement, there would alway be a scaled or alternative option to keep you moving at maximum effort. For example, if you can’t do a pull up, like me, you can do a jumping pull up.

There are also accessory programs written to focus on improving these no matter what your ability.I love the barbell!! Since joining Ulysses I’ve learnt many aspects of Olympic weightlifting with constant coaching on technique, so from knowing nothing at all I can now deadlift, clean, jerk, press and snatch with confidence!

🏋🏻‍♂️Ulysses use Level Method to measure and grade fitness level, highlighting strengths and areas of improvement, it works with colours like belts in karate! If you want to move up a colour there will be at least 1 or 2 movements you’ll need to master.

It covers everything we do at Ulysses Weightlifting, running, rowing, body weight movements, gymnastics and flexibility. Ultimately making you the fittest all round you can be, and you get a certificate 😁

An old school friend of mine Elle was already a member at Ulysses when I first started, at the end of each 6am session she would take a team selfie, something to share with the world to show how hard we’d worked and hopefully inspire other members to get the workout done that day. Elle the selfie queen had to move away with work so I took on the mantle and it’s kind of stuck.

Not long after joining I booked a nutrition consultation with Ben. I wanted to understand what I needed to eat to better fuel me, perform well in the workouts and keep me energised through the day.

I had a full body check and measurement, confirming my BMI, muscle quality and of course weight. Ben gave me some great guidance and some tweaks to my current diet and supplements, I have of recent followed guidance and joined HSN plan with meal plans and constant coaching for accountability its great.Since joining Ulysees I’ve lost over 10kgs.

Although I have to say, in my opinion the weight loss is now just a byproduct, my body has completely changed, I have so much more energy, focus and positivity in my life not to mention I have muscles in places I didn’t know existed!The absolute best thing about Ulysses is the people, coaches and members both.

I get to work out and suffer alongside my friends everyday, just when you think you’ve had enough, a word or a glance of encouragement makes you find another gear. Also the fun, laughter and banter make the pain so much easier!No matter who you are, everyone is together and trains as one, as part of the tribe.


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