Nutrition coach Pete-My Why?

Pete Morton – Why 


I’m 48 now and have worked in the digital industry for 25 years. I’ve had some great times, some not so great, and some frankly appalling times. I’ve worked for large agencies, ran my own business, had staff, made staff redundant, had good profits, had huge debts. I’ve never quite got it right and once or twice got it terribly wrong, but on the whole I’ve made decent money, have been able to provide for my family, and am still here to tell the tale. 

Truth is, even when the times were good, it’s never been an industry I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed or embraced. I’ve never mentally been 100% behind it and have often suffered with self doubt and low confidence in trying to succeed in this work space. I’ve always found real comfort and meaning when working out and being on top of my fitness, I’m ready for a change, looking for more of a vocation, and am embracing the chance to move into the health and fitness sphere. 

I’m married to my absolute soulmate in Ann, we’ve been together 21 years, married for 17 and have a wonderful son in Harry. They are both a massive inspiration to me. I’ll never be able to truly thank Ann or fully comprehend what she went through to just get Harry here, the many years of trying, the invasive procedures, the rounds of IVF, he’s our little miracle for sure. And she is one hell of a strong woman. She also totally gets me, I love her to bits! 

Harry is such a lovely kid, very caring, lots of fun and dedicated to his sport and studies. He also has type 1 diabetes, it’s not something that defines him, but I’m so proud and impressed at how well he manages it. Our world was truly rocked when he was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago. His involvement in sport and the successes he’s achieved so far are an absolute credit to him as sometimes just getting on the pitch is an achievement itself. 

As for me, I’m very much a people person and motivator, particularly when it comes to things I love. I have coached kids and adults at varying levels of sport and love the buzz you get from seeing their successes. I consider myself a real team player with a strong sense of leadership, I love seeing others improve and achieve their goals, I try to lead by example. 

I like to give qualified advice and make sure I know what I’m talking about. I’m open and honest. If I don’t know an answer, I’ll tell you and then either research it and let you know or refer you to someone who is better qualified to help. One of things I love about Ulysses is the openness and honesty of the coaches and members. We’re all learning and developing together and there’s always someone you can turn to. 

The HSN programmes are written and backed up by qualified dieticians, it’s a major appeal of the course I’ll be studying as I know the advice I’ll be able to impart will be sound, beneficial and safe. This is really important to me. 

I have a decent base knowledge in nutrition which I’m looking forward to developing more formally with my HSN studies. With Harry I have had to learn very quickly about how the body gets its fuel, how insulin works, how to group foods, how to carb count, what effects different food types have on blood sugars and body composition. Importantly though I’ve 

learned how no two people are the same and you’ll need to measure, monitor and adjust programmes to suit each specific person’s needs. 

From my current professional role and from helping Harry I’ve learned that tracking real data can be hugely beneficial. I’ll often follow a record, analyse, react and review process. Do what the data tells you and you’ll get it right more often than not. I hope to help people with their nutrition by adopting a similar approach, understanding their needs and wishes and tailoring a plan that suits them and importantly is sustainable. 

I lost both my parents to cancer, it’s an indiscriminate and cruel disease. My mum lost her battle with lung cancer 2 years from diagnosis; she was just 61, my son Harry was 2. The anguish this alone caused my mum was immense, she knew she’d miss out on him. Though we talk about her often, Harry doesn’t know just how great a Gran he would have had. A terrible consequence of just one bad lifestyle habit and unbreakable addiction. If by advising and mentoring people through nutrition and lifestyle choices I can save one person and their family the pain, suffering and loss we experienced then it will all be worth it. 

My dad was a non-smoking, fit and healthy, or so we thought, 75 year old. He lost his battle with esophageal cancer 3 months from diagnosis. Earlier detection could have saved him. Another of my aims is to be able to help people better understand their bodies whilst improving their nutrition, and their mental and physical health. The more we understand our bodies, the better chance we have of spotting changes and seeking help. 

Ulysses Fitness and Nutrition has been a complete revelation to me. I’ve never had so much fun getting fit, and haven’t felt such a belonging since the heyday of my hockey playing days. The advice from the coaches, the craic with and support of the members, my results so far everything has been such a positive experience. I consider ‘the box’ as we call it my real safe haven. 

ANother thing I love about Ulysses is the programmes we follow and the structure of the classes. People of all levels, strengths and abilities take the same class together, with each exercise tailored to their current level. Everyone taking the class will encourage each other. It’s such an awesome place to work out. 

The opportunity to join the Ulysses team, a team that has similar values, a team that has honesty and integrity at its heart and a team that I’ve seen first hand help a great many people become a better version of themselves means an awful lot to me. 

I look forward to continuing my own personal fitness journey as part of the tribe. I genuinely believe there’s no greater investment you can make than in your own and your family’s health, and by joining the coaching team at Ulysses I hope to help our members and their family and friends achieve their goals and become healthier and happier in the process 

I promise I’ll put my heart and soul into this role, and am grateful for the opportunity. 

Pete Morton. 


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