Pain free cycling through 5 minutes of flexibility per day

Hi Paul here from Ulysses Fitness and Nutrition, just introducing our new series this week for the cyclists out there. The series is going to look at strengthening, mobility and flexibility to help keep you in the saddle and keep you out on the bike across the Autumn and Winter months.

Couch stretch

Couch stretch is a great hip opener that can be adapted to meet your own levels of flexibility. Your hips can become tight from being in the saddle for a long period of time and in a fixed position. The stretch will help your hips, back and core which will in turn help you get in better positions and even become more aero.

For a deeper stretch bring your knee closer towards your bench/couch/wall.

Cyclists often complain of tight piriformis due to poor bike fit, overtraining and also holding a slightly unnatural and single fixed joint aero position on long rides. The piriformis stretch will do you a world of good! Opening your hips, glutes and groin will lengthen the muscles to make you more comfortable when out riding and also when recovering after a tough training ride or sportive.


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