Ladies. We’ve all done it! Peed our pants at Fitness..

Ladies.  We’ve all done it.  Pee’d our pants at Fitness.   

Let me tell you why I make a joke of peeing my pants and why I tell everyone.   

I was only about two months into my Fitness journey at Ulysses.  I usually went to class with my friend Laura, but she had a family thing she needed to go to, so rather than sit at home alone, I decided to just bite the bullet and go anyway. This was the best thing I ever decided, because after this class (and my most embarrassing day to date, but we’ll get to that in a bit!) I’ve never been afraid to go to class alone.  

So I remember the day as if it was only yesterday. It was a very sunny day and the doors were open, the breeze through the box was warm but refreshing.  There was only around 5 to 6 people in the class and I’d only really spoken to one other member before and he was a really fit, good looking guy called Giles (ladies who know, know) and it was deadlift day.  I’d not done much deadlifting prior to this so my ‘little accident’ caught me totally off guard.

I was stood next to Giles and we’d both been egging each other on all class.   I took my shoes off from the advice of Ben and got by bar ready, warming up at 45kg and then putting 20kg more on either side, 85kg done, no problem.  Went up to 90kg no problem. Ben told me to believe in myself and I was stronger then I realised. Confidence booster right there so decided I’d give that 100kg a go, everyone seemed to be chasing it and I really, really wanted it.  I put a belt on, set myself up ready, feet shoulder width, bar just over feet, hands on the bar, back straight, shoulders back, head down. Pull. Pull. Pull. I got the bar up. Yes I did it! But I couldn’t celebrate as I would normally, because I’d also pee’d my pants and a little bit dribbled on the floor. I couldn’t even bare to look up at anyone because I was totally embarrassed thinking everyone had seen. I kinda did a little smile and sneakily wiped it a little with my sock.   You know what I mean, kinda used my foot as a mop. Omg how will I ever look at anyone again.   How will I ever return.

Ben came running over to congratulate me with a high five and he probably thought I was a moody cow, he asked me how that felt and I just kinda shrugged and said “yeah ok”.   I looked up and my face was as probably as red a fire engine. I certainly felt like I was on fire with embarrassment. The look on his face when I didn’t celebrate my massive achievement with him made me feel so bad. So I just said it.   “Yeah the lift felt great but I’ve pee’d a little”. “Oh that’s ok” he said, “most women do when deadlifting and double unders”. I then looked up at the people in class and everyone was buzzing I’d got a PB and no one had actually noticed my ‘incident’.  The embarrassing moment was literally all in my head. I had made it much worse than it actually was.

From that day forward I vowed that any new members who walk through the doors would never feel embarrassed. If I make a joke about how I pee my pants doing certain movements then they’ll expect it and not worry.  

I once pee’d on the floor during double unders and this time it wasn’t just a few little droplets, it was a full on waterfall. We all just laughed and I went to get the mop. It happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  Even the most strongest of weightlifting women can pee their pants.

I say “oh I better go to the toilet before I pee myself, or “let’s see how long it takes to wash the floor”.  If I make jokes of it, no one in the box will ever feel like I did that day and no one ever should do either. I realised after my first accident that Ben was a totally awesome guy and he put me right at ease. He even suggested some movements to do to help my pelvic floor.  Which can also help you. (I do have a slight disadvantage more than just childbirth though, as when I was 4 I had an accident and had to have surgery ‘down there’, which in turn left me with a very, very weak bladder)

Being a mother or getting older takes its toll on our bladders and it’s something that could happen at any time. So ladies, please don’t be embarrassed, other women have probably done it or been there when their friends have and the men, well frankly they don’t care. They just see you as a strong independent female and will celebrate your strength and achievements whether you’ve pee’d or not.   

(Maybe with all the new mothers after Ulysses baby boom, we should put tenna ladies on the list of priorities for the ladies toilets 😁😜)

Much Love

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service/Admin Manger

Team Ulysses


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