Screw the guru, find a mentor

What is a guru , any google search for definition “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of certain knowledge or field.

As a business owner I get get at least 3 friend requests each week from industry Experts, apparent Gurus!

I normally accept and sometimes if I’m bored or I’m interested to see what the next new industry scam is, I’ll even take a zoom call from them.

I think it a valuable lesson on what to avoid and how some day I can pass on this warning to others in the same situation.

As I’m in the fitness industry it’s help related to more members or guaranteed finances! – Curious not interested in a guarantee $30k+/months or your money back ?

or Hi Ben… I saw your fitness expertise on Facebook, and wondered how things are going there? Curious…Have you tried Adjusting your Fitness Expertise into a self-managing ONLINE business that scales to 100k Months yet? ( more money by doing less ) . We’d love to give you some tips on how the founder has done this himself if you are interested?

Both are messages I’ve received in the last week

Find a mentor

Mentor- “an experienced and trusted adviser

See the subtle difference in wording, one claims to be an expert, a master a guru, the other is an experienced advisor.

Mentors I believe as I have one, are just that.

I have a mentor, Brian from Two Brain Business, we’ve worked together for nearly 2 years now, He has ran a CrossFit affiliate for 10 years and is great with finances. I have a terrible relationship with money and suck at making the right choices, see how that could be a great fit!

Mentors don’t say I’m the best, mentors don’t say this is the way

Mentors probe with questions, with accountability

Mentors have made all your mistakes, have probably nearly lost everything several times, I know I have

Some Mentors have even lost it all , reflected and started again

Mentors use your destination and just steer you in the right direction, an objective voice instead of the monkey mind or devil on your shoulder

If you need help like I did 2 years ago and still do more than ever, reach out and book a free call with Two brain business here-

Mentoring is passed on, I find its my purpose, my personal mission to become a mentor, maybe for Two brain or another great company like HSN or Level method, maybe for all of them. I will when I’m ready.

When I’ve made enough mistakes to know the right way, right direction.

We mentor all ready

We already mentor without knowing it, with the apprentice at work, with the new guy/gal at the office.

I mentor members who have lost parents, had bad relationships with alcohol. Because I’ve had them and happened to me, tough life lessons.

I mentor my new general manager, my new head coach and in turn he mentors the coaches and people learning the curve behind them .

Who are your mentoring without even realising it?

It’s a rewarding path, not showing but guiding, now telling but actualising, not selling to but questioning, not giving but allowing to falter

We all need mentors, just going ask someone at work, in your team or someone you know has overcome those issues your having

A mentor could be a friend, a parent, a coach, a personal trainer or teacher.

My guess is they’d love to reflect on what they learned

In health

Coach Ben


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