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Caring truly is our super power

Yesterday I sat down and welcomed our newest client to our tribe, we call it a tribe, where we used to call it a community or a family.

Families fight and don’t always get on! Community is to vague of term.

We used to live in tribes before modern life, we roamed and hunted, fished and played, built and gathered round fires.

Tribes are a collective of people with the same values and beliefs, we use our 30 min sit down chat to help find the right people.

That day I knew from the start of our conversation that this lady was a perfect fit and we’d ask her to Join our tribe. 58 years young, our most senior being 70 and 85 years young.

Yes we ask people to join and turn others away.

Our tribe deserves it, yes we could make more money by having more clients, we’ve had as many as double as we do now.

Yet at the time only around 40% were a right fit, I wasn’t happy then and I couldn’t find out why, the staff were not either.

The tipping point

Around 20 months back we went into mentorship, the 1st and still the most important task was to sit down and think about my own core values and from there build a vision for the company.

Up until then like most business owners we just accepted anyone, I mean it was money right?

So my values became the company values.


Company mission- To help reduce illness and chronic disease in 10,000 local people.

These 2 tasks alone changed me and the business forever, I know now what traits to look for in others.

We started from the ground up again, we make some radical changes to our business knowing the majority of our 40% not the right fit people would leave.

So at the time the 40% left and a few more got caught in the whirlwind changes and moved on.

In the end we lost 52% of our clients in the blink of an eye overnight, this as you can imagine nearly ended us.

A client at the gym believed in us so much and helped out and paid the next 2 1/2 years membership up front to help.

He could see what we did, helping us that day helped us survive and helped us to the day fight back and fid the right people this time.

Rebuilding our caring machine

So every person from that day took and takes a free intro, our 30 minute unique client filtering chat.

Our clients love that they are special, they fit who we are, who we identify as a tribe.

I must say its my most favourite part of my role at Ulysses, it’s like a game of cat and mouse.

The game is for me how fast can we get to know if this potential client is a good fit for us, and for the right ones the conversation just flows.

It’s like speed dating I suppose! (Laughing crying emoji!)

We never talk about fitness that day, we even only talk around 5-10% of the time about goals even, we talk deeply about them as a person.

The struggles people have had in there lives, like yesterday, the lady I’ll call her Sue.

She’d lost her father to cancer, I know what that feels like, rest in piece mother.

Sue had been part of armed/knife robbery at work before and suffers from deep bouts of depression, this lit up my empathetic heart like a Christmas tree.

I told her how I’d struggled in life, how our head coach Dave struggled with depression when I met him 5 years ago and how at Ulysses we are listeners.

Leadership being one of our values I opened up about my therapy experience and how that helped me last year, lead by example, open up and others will too in this instance.

We have a rich history in our five years open, it has been an insane journey of self development, business development, being humble and being humbled.

It’s helped us find the right team and the right people

From here, together we have weathered the madness of Covid and 2020/2021, from here we are again finding people who struggle with mental and physical health.

If you struggle with depression, long bouts of beating yourself up, alcoholism( I’ve been there), I’m not good enough mindset, reach out, we are a team and tribe of caring people, we can help.

We’ve been there ourselves and from this being honest and open approach, fitness and nutrition and personal training and group class are just tools we use to help you.

The real power is in who we are, what we believe and how we are with others.

Do not suffer in silence!

I already look forward to our chat

In mental health

Coach Ben


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