Success or motivation?

Like the chicken and the egg, which came 1st?
Motivation or success
We hear it everyday as coaches
I need motivation (no will power)
I’m not motivated
If only I could find motivation
Think about it like this instead- Success comes before motivation
With a plan in place, with a coaching team that cares about you and your goals
Success could be as small as making your bed each day #jockowillink , making a lunch to take to work, making it to the gym, walking the dog, breaking a depressive episode or losing one pound in body fat %
From there we have success, you just don’t see it🧠
We set our targets to big, to long into the distance and have no cheerleader to highlight the daily wins
At Ulysses you have a team in your corner, a bunch of like minded individuals who help drag your ass out of bed each day and highlight the small wins
Set the smallest goal today, repeat it the next day and the next, until it becomes habit.
Mindset comes 1st, but not natural
If your struggling for the peak of the metaphorical mountain/iceberg/hill , book a free intro today and lets build a solid foundation, one built on a strong relationship.


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