The top 5 ways to lose weight

Welcome back, or maybe this is your 1st blog?

Today we will identify and nail down the top 5 ways to lose weight, more importantly how to keep it off

1- Nutrition coaching and personal training ( Ok so this is a combo)

The most powerful combination available, period!

Nutrition clients agree to sign up for 90 days, this helps the client in their mind give in to change, accept it and prepare for it.

When you are realistic, you have a coach or mentor that that you’ve opened up to and a relationship is building, build trust, building openness, sharing the wins and losses, problems are shared and halved.

Any problem which is really just a puzzle, can be solved

We all know from childhood that if you start a puzzle, you need some key pieces, the four corners

Your four corners

Left bottom corner- Mindset, we need to gauge your current mindset, mindset is a skill, skills can be practiced, there for they can be changed, Improved and continually pushed forward.

Once you believe change is possible, you find a way to do it, well your unconscious mind does.

We become our thoughts and beliefs (As Ghandi said) , everyone has a base level that we’ll need to find, once we know where you are and where you want to go, we can help make baby steps, really achievable steps each day.

Right bottom corner- Nutrition-

Our Nutrition program goes beyond diet plans, meal plans, they are not custom, you don’t learn anything and who likes to eat rabbit food anyway?

Coaching is asking the hard questions, coaching is getting you to bring down your barriers, coaching is counselling, coaching is a collaborative plan between you and your coach.

When there’s trust, knowing your coach has been through this before or has helped a client do it, you can believe.

You’ll build a plan together, discover your why together, build some action steps together and break it down into the smallest steps.

Top right corner- Your environment

Work, home and hobbies- Environment is overlooked, is your partner sitting scoffing a whole tray of doughnuts whilst you eat salad?

Is the office culture you go out for fry ups every Monday, Chinese on Wednesday and fish and chips on Friday?

Yes I’ve heard this before from a client.

Are the ladies at the bowls club having you out for afternoon tea, cream cakes every week?

People are your environment, they affect you, they affect me, they affect all of us in positive or negative ways.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

Jim Rohn

Have you done an environment self audit, who are these people, what things are they bringing into your life?

Maybe that’s a missing link right now, if you walk into a fast food joint with a friend, you’ll buy something, it’s just common courtesy right?

Or just feeling pressured?

It’s a trigger, a visual or smell

Triggers fire up our habits!

Top left Corner- Habits

A habit is something we do automatically, with the conscious mind thinking about it, hard wired, sometimes for years.

A trigger sets us off and the unconscious mind has the hard written program like on your computer when you switch it on.

It’s like the computer RAM

Random access memory, great thing about RAM, both on the computer and in your brain, we can write a new trigger for a new habit.

We are a fan of burying old habits with a new one, with a positive one.

That way you are not in a “your taking away” mindset, New habits take time, they need to be added in the right way and the right order and anchored to an existing habit, known as habit stacking and habit anchoring!

Ok so we got off track there, but now we know how to start a puzzle, the side pieces can now fall into place

2- Nutrition coaching

Sometimes these side pieces of the puzzler are drinking more water, burying a alcohol habit with tea or water, eating a veggie for the 1st time ever, adding a new veggie, cutting up some veggies to go with meals, learning to cook, adding some basic meal prep.

The list can go on, each stage has some normal positive habits that we are trying to ingrain.

There are 3 levels, 1, 2,3

Level 1 is the foundation, the basics, yet people fall off and fail because they are trying level 2 or 3 habits without embedding hard ingrained foundations of level 1.

What happens when we have a house on soft ground?

Just like the 3 little pigs story, which house would you choose?

Coaching habits is your number 1 priority, which one?, it’s different for you all.

3- Personal training

The personal connection with your coach, that accountability of needing to turn up (or you lose that session, lose that money) and have them draw up a solid plan is so powerful.

Yet its after nutrition coaching for a reason, training for 1 hour a day before fixing what you eat for 23 hours of the day is like throwing spaghetti at the wall in seeing what sticks!

Don’t fuel your car with whale oil and expect the same performance as petrol

We get it, you feel great after fitness, instant gratification!

Habits take time and you don’t instantly get a rush of endorphins and happy hormones after eating a half plate of veggies.

Yet the right fuel will lead to weight loss faster by balancing your hormones which control everything we do.

4- Group training

Training with like minded people can be powerful, not as much accountability, not as time with your coach but it’s certainly motivating.

Group training is our budget option, yet it will still help get some great results (Don’t forget the nutrition!)

5- Other cardio or weights

Running, walking, biking, machines like Peloton, rowers and air bikes or hitting the squat rack

They all burn calories

But don’t get stuck in the I’ll just eat less calories mindset, It’s a trap

Training alone is cheaper and sometimes free, yet you have no accountability

If you have the drive to train alone, this makes me happy

If not, reach out

It all can be confusing and overwhelming I know, I speak to more than 30 ladies each week and a few guys.

I love this part of my job

I get the fuel for these blogs and the struggles I can a help you with

I helps me, help you

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