Part 3 Blue light

We live in a technological world, not the predicted back to the future flying cars and hover boards or terminator killer robots.

Electricity and battery power fuelling everything we touch and see, Television, phones, tablet, computers and arguably mans finest creation, the internet.

We see only part of the light spectrum, red, green and blue.

Red light is warming, it gives us some health benefits, red lights saunas are being used to slow down ageing and treat our skin in vitamin d deficient countries, Hello UK!
I was recommended this by a scientist friend to buy a varying degree of red lights for therapy

I predict red light therapy will grow and grow

We need light, it helps our plants and trees grow, it penetrates deep into our skin ad the body uses vitamin D to control cholesterol balance, ever got sick in the winter?

Wonder why covid was worse in the winter? Vitamin D, we need it!

Whilst we are on the subject, supplement with it, not a tablet, the body wont absorb it fully. Go for spray. Get yourself on amazon and order some up.

Natural blue light during daylight hours helps in improving our mood, our reaction times, and boosts our attention

Blue light at night is the point of this blog, basically it’s keeping us awake, overstimulated, affecting our mental capacity, our ability to actually fall asleep and stay asleep.

Blue light tricks the mind, going back to life before the lightbulb, thanks Edison =)

We had oil lamps, candles and fires, they give of a natural light, much dimmer, lots of red light.

Ever sat by the campfire whilst on a camping trip and just stared at it?

It’s primal, it drawers you in, its beautiful. Our ancestors used to sit around fire at night to keep warm, a place to keep safe from deadly animals and from other tribes.

Now we sit in at night on our comfy sofa’s with the LED lights on, LED’s from our phones and LED from the Tv’s, binge watching Netflix.

All of these are producing insane amounts of blue light, stimulating our brains and keeping us awake. Our brains think it’s still day time!

Our body when are winding down produces the bodies master hormone, melatonin.

When we are bathing our skins, face and eyes in blue light though, this is tricking the body and the mind to say, it’s still day time

If the body and mind think its day time, will it produce the sleep hormone we need?


It’s delayed.

Wonder why you cant get to sleep?

Now other than going camping in the lakes (in warmer waether) with no signal and a digital detox, my favorutte pass time! We are around technology and blue light.

I’m not saying go throw your Tv, tablet and computers out the window, well not if you don’t want the neighbours to think you’ve fell out.

What can we do to reduce blue light, turn it down, filter it?

Turn it down- Modern I-phones and android devices both have an option to turn the blue light down, actually I just permanently turn my phones blue light down.

Go into settings, display and brightness, play around with the tone by moving the slider, it goes from bright blue light to warm red light!

Below that is night shift mode, you can have that on for 23 hours and 59 minutes a day!

You’ll soon get used to it!

On computers, enter display settings into the windows search bar, then again there is a night mode and brightness slider!

Lights, you can buy remote control dimmer lights that go from blue to red or just plain red lights now.

You could dim or turn off the lights and fire up some candles, no wonder we find candles so relaxing!

Tv’s are no different, go into settings and incrementally draw down the light over time.

You’ll soon adjust.

Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Track your sleep to see how you benefit!

Filter it, ever seen me knocking around with my funky red glasses on, apparently I look like Timmy mallet ( Thanks G-dawwwg)

They do what they say on the tin, they filter blue light! I buy mine from blueberry

You can get them a lot cheaper on amazon, yet they aren’t as nice or well designed, in my eyes. Says Timmy Mallet the style icon!

Now you are aware of the sleep problem and blue light, how to avoid or reduce it has been my message and gift to you.

Now what will you do with it?

Sleep well my friends

In health

Coach Ben


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