Lack of routine, (especially at night)

So we’re back again, looking at sleep, or the lack of it.

We are the only animal in the animal kingdom ( picturing the iconic scene from the lion king!) to purposely miss out on sleep.

We must be crazy!

Then there’s our unconscious or lack of awareness around not sleeping enough or the lack of knowledge or even motivation to sleep more.

We are a complex beast, us sapiens, we are so developed and at the same time not so developed.

Going back to blog 1 on sleep, why would we need more and more caffeine each day, eat more because we are attempting to put the body back to equilibrium/homeostasis.

We are so sensitive when it comes to sleep, take travel for example.

We are attempting to take our body back to homeostasis/equilibrium, yet we can’t!

Song from the legendary film Armageddon playing in your head- I’m leaving, in a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Ok maybe that’s just me!

When we travel on planes and defy science, moving across time zones, it takes us 24 hours for our body to adjust 1 hour in our body clock, 1 WHOLE DAY, FOR 1 HOUR!

Hearing this shocked me a few years back……

So If you travel to Mexico on a 6 hour time difference on a 14 day trip, you won’t feel right from jet lag for 6 days, wowzah!

I find it’s even worse on the way back!

We need holidays and that’s why we can adjust, it’s out of our routine and there’s less stress, but do you even have a routine?

Do you wake up at a set time? Sleep at a set time?

How about a winddown routine ?

If you’ve read and started to implement any of the sleep lessons so far awesome!

So far we’ve hit caffeine, a busy mind and anxiety, blue light and today routines!

Well it can all be a little overwhelming, I know, we can only improve 1 thing at a time, otherwise we’ll fail.

Start with the caffeine reduction or time cap, especially since your likely to drink it every day, that’s why I put it 1st in the list, slowly reduce it, bring back the last coffee till before 12pm or even earlier if you can (Remember that 6 hour half life and 12 hour quarter life)

Time to tackle the mind next, journal, meditation, gratitude, talking and venting, writing down and sharing your problems and focus on now, a great book I highly recommend-

Blue light is next, filter it, block it and reduce it, especially at night, remember it delays our master hormone release Melatonin!

Today it’s learning to nail down 1 habit at a time until it’s in your toolbox then working on the next and the next and critical to remember to attach/anchor the new habit to a long standing one like brushing your teeth or having a shower.

Other self practiced area’s I’ve measured and journaled on are Hot shower before bed to dump the body temperature, having fresh air the bedroom, even at night in the winter!

Having oxygen giving plants near you in the room, essential oils in your bath/on your pillow or both.

Again choose 1 area/habit/skill to improve , work on it and move on.

Overwhelm is real.

Journaling at night really helps, If you’ve never done it, keep it simple, there is no right or wrong way if it works for you!

A list of what went well today-counting the small wins, tracking a number of days for your new habit, it’s a real motivator for me, seeing the chain of days build and not wanting to break it.

My new habit now I’ve nailed down no coffee and nailed down my meditation again is writing for you beautiful people, every day, regardless of where I am. I use a website called

750 words tracks my days I’ve successfully written 750 words, Serious writers of book, blogs and one of my Mentors Chris Cooper does it, so I thought what a great and positive habit to have, why not crush that next!

“Want to try flossing, try one tooth and see what happens”, (BJ Fogg )

We overcomplicate things, set targets to big and don’t break down gaols to achievable, far to easy wins for the day!


Jocko Willink- Navy seal legend and in my top 3 Authors!

Make your bed, clean your room, clean your boots and square away your clothes and then help your friends if they need it, was instilled from my short Army days.

Find one thing to improve today, the silliest, smallest, doesn’t even seem like mentioning task, nail it down and see the benefits of what tiny habits have when they compound.

Email me to let me know what your working on next! add in the title- I’m working on this habit

People thrive in routines, now let’s see you do the same

In health

Coach Ben


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