The top 6 things keeping you awake at night-number 5

The top 6 things keeping you awake at night-number 5


This could of easily been at number one, when you partake, and I do partake a red wine weekly and regular, it kicks the crap out of my sleep.

I didn’t put it to number 1 purely that you likely don’t drink every day, well hopefully not.

If you do I’ve been there, I’ve struggled with alcohol through my adult life.

It started with the British Army, it was culture that after football training for the regiment we’d hit the NAFI bar and sink pints, it was 2004 and £1 a pint, midweek night, most nights and as long as you could stand up on parade the next day, you were ok.

Culture, environment and habits! It was part of what we did, part of the social life.

I’d say the only serious habit and abuse of it would be the 1st lockdown in 2020.

It was scorching, our business was closed along with most others, we were training our tribe online, but anxiety, a busy mind, the pandemic was still new, we had little data, evidence and my head was royally up my ass!

It took me going back stoicism, Ryan Holidays obstacle is the way, some reading from Jocko to bring my focus back in, dial back in my habits and reduce my days and amount.

I’ve tracked my sleep for well over a year and looking back that few months of drinking and the busy anxious mind (blog 2) had me in its grips.

The sleep when looking and comparing to other weeks and months was terrible.

Now I’m glad to say getting my diet to the best it’s ever been and it refocussed me, thanks to gaining a new nutrition mentor Jen Broxterman from @twobraincoaching @nutritionRx, Jen has an amazing story of surviving double bowel cancer from having an amazing lifestyle, the most dialled in positive vibes and clearest mindset I’ve ever known.

No wonder we’ve become friends from across the Canadian water (Atlantic).

It got me thinking and remembering why I’m a health/mindset/nutrition/fitness coach and mentor, I’m in this to help others reduce chronic disease and illness.

I pulled my head out my ass, got a focus again, re-found my why and doing what I do best and love, put others hardships, problems and worries before my own.

The stoics taught us, the only true path to happiness is to help others and have daily gratitude.

Sounds simple right?

It is.

I share you these stories to show I’ve struggled and won the battle.

I believe good mentors are the ones not to know or pretend to know everything, they are the ones that have experienced it or know someone that has.

These are true, real struggles and real battles, battles won, lessons learned.

We all know alcohol isn’t good for us, yet it’s the 1st stress relieving tool we sadly go to.

I’m glad to say my habits are purely just social now.

Having a wine last night on a Tuesday after a satisfying day at work, taking free intro calls, giving free nutrition and health advice and finding the right people for our tribe. A great day yesterday.

People are struggling again in lockdown number 3 (time of writing) I’m not, I’ve found my peace and have laser focus on helping others.

I’ve struggled so I understand what your going through.

What good would it be if i was a nerd scientist or personal trainer who scorned you for drinking or someone that has never struggled, my stories wouldn’t resonate, wouldn’t help.

You would not read this

And if you know a fitness professional struggles

Maybe we all do

We all do!

It’s all about getting things into moderation, reduce over the weeks, cut days, cut amounts and back to a healthy limit and habit.

What can help?

Finding your why, I re-round/was reminded of mine.

Our bodies are a fine balance of equilibrium/homeostasis and unhealthy habits can lead to sickness and illness, sometimes that’s not enough to motivate or scare us until it’s to late.

I don’t want your health swinging the wrong way.

Instead find an internal positive motivator.

Being healthy for the kids is one I hear several times a week on my free intro calls, it’s something that’s not about us, greater than us, a reason to turn the ship around.

A purpose!

We just need to find yours now.

Find that deep internal why is the biggest motivator you’ll ever find, health is a big one, especially of your setting a good example for the kids!

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