The top 6 things keeping you awake at night-number 6

The top 6 things keeping you awake at night-number 6

Our final day of the sleep series, number 6-Food

It’s something we do every day, on rising some of us will eat a breakfast, some others say they struggle, some fast, some do calorie restriction and some eat to many!

Some people have sweet tooth’s and others savoury, some say they can’t eat veg and others don’t want to eat meat.

There are many diets out there, all are restrictive and not sustainable, diet for me means restrictive.

I’ve seen so many clients and prospective client bounce from diet to another, saying it’s not working, being shocked when the scales they checked at 8am and it’s different at 8pm.

The no sugar diet is a great example I hear, so you’ve cut out fruit (fructose), pure sugar, milk (lactose) and the other of the 52 ways manufacturers describe and hide sugar on packages, dextrose,

Is sugar the devil? I used to say so, is fat the devil, millions of people think so and still do!

No, neither are, saying extreme and polarised views of foods across the decades has led to eating disorders, diets!

I’ve seen a client addicted to sugar try to quit completely, like a heroine addict going turkey the client got insane headaches, sweats and all sorts of unusual body disfunction, she was addicted!.

Is cutting sugar completely good for us?, probably not.

I would advise not having it at night-time though, it’s like slapping yourself in the face then trying to get to sleep! (It’s like having caffeine) Think of what your kids are like after sugar!

To truly have a great relationship with food, we need to train our mindset 1st.

No good or bad foods.

Yet some are more nutritious than others, having low nutrient food every day is crazy, but mixed into a whole foods approach and occasional, cake, biscuit or cocktail.

The body can deal with that, if you eat low quality, food like products every day, everyday meal, that’s when sleep is affected and health will plummet.

I mean you’re not giving your body any fuel

Can your car run on watered down petrol/diesel for a while, maybe

How long would it run before breaking down?

Who knows

It’s just as easy to eat well and fuel right than it is to load of up crap and have your car or you breakdown.

Improve your eating habits, improve your sleep

Improve your sleep, improve your health

If there’s ever a time we need our health, it’s now.

To fight off virus’s and sickness.

Things I’ve found that affect my sleep-

Alcohol- We put it on our mouths and it has some nutrients in it, so we’ll call it food (red wine I’ve found the worse)

Over eating at night- Know that bloated feeling on Christmas day! Well some people eat like that all the time.

Digesting food almost takes as much energy to break it down than you get out of it!

Think of that lunchtime pasta binge and the crash you have after in the afternoon!

But overeating puts a lot of stress on the system and it certainly doesn’t help sleep.

Eating to close to bed time- like I said you’ll use a lot of energy, you’ll wake up sweating for sure!

Undereating during the day will lead to overeating at night!

Eat as early as you can after waking, where I eat my most calories, then regular meals and balanced snacks through the day, it will stop your blood sugar levels dropping.

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It will stop that overeating at night.

And improve your sleep.

As always I think we are all wired different, different heritage, some deep ancestral lineage and mix of races in our DNA

Being very general, people from Greenland have adapted to live on a diet of 90 percent fat, in the east in china a lot of carbs, rice and noodles, in Africa and central regions a lot of fruit.

In Europe we can process meats very well

Think about the 1000’s of year of evolution, we couldn’t change what our ancestors ate on daily basis, they ate when it was available, also known as seasonal eating!

In Europe the land used to freeze over completely, no plants or fruits, no crops or corn, so we ate meat, in the summer it came back and we gorged.

We were forced to eat what was available, now we have access to fruits in the winter for example

In the last 50 years the population has doubled, we have the best science and medical care we’ve ever had.

We are living longer than ever before, but sicker

I’d like to help you all, yet you are not ready until you are

You need to find the want, the want to change

When your ready we can help

Improving your sleep could be the best thing you ever do

Eating isn’t normally associated with good sleep

Poor eating certainly is!

I’ve tracked mine with all the positive and negative habits and food manipulation, types, timing etc

You know your body better than I do, better than a scientist or doctor, just the receptors we use to feel everything have burned out.

Burned out from stress and overuse

I’d like to get them firing again

Get you fired up again

Reach out and book a free intro here and we can map this out and make small positive changes together

In health

Coach Ben


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