The Ulysses tribe returns

The big date 29th march 2021

So at time of writing we are starting week 7 of lockdown 3 in the U.K, the 1st one was 3 months long, the second a month long and yesterday we found out when the exit plan was for this one, the big date

Monday 29th March, another cheeky little 3 month lockdown

What a strange old year!

Yet we are still here, still battling through

Anxiety’s can calm now, a date can be worked towards, 29th march we can restart outside classes again, classes of 5 outside , this is a repeat style of exit from lockdown 1

Then 2 weeks later we can go back inside

5 weeks from yesterday when we make the change, time to break down the goal, shake off the dust that’s settled on us and move forward together as a tribe

We’ll be finishing this week of the quaranteam games this week and moving to 4 weeks of accountability partners, battle buddies

Battle buddies ( scroll to the bottom to avoid my stories and see the points scheme)

What will our focus be?

The four pillars of health (SEMM)



Hopefully we know how important sleep is right now? Maybe in lockdown 1 you lost a lot of sleep, anxiety and worrying, spinning your mind around like a washing machine.

It’s understandable, I certainly did, the uncertainty of business, 4 years (at the time) of hard, going to be washed down the pan.

I’ve tracked sleep for around 2-3 years now and that was easily my worst period, for sure!

Sleep tips for the next 5 weeks-

Bedtime routine, get your ass to bed earlier, set a time to wake up, one that was normal for you pre lockdown, a time that will have you adapted for that commute back to work.

Avoid blue light from the TV, electronics like you’re phone and iPad’s, blue light glasses work, but so does turning your phone into night-time mode

Avoid eating a big meal close to bed, your body uses a lot of energy mushing up food and a lot of heat is produced, you want your body temperature down for sleep

To get that body temperature down, have a hot bath or shower, you’ll shiver on exit and dump your temperature, ready to dose off

Scents, lavender and sweet orange I’ve found can help, a few drops off essential oils on the pillow or some sleep capsules

Journaling- take all those busy thoughts out of the mind, write down what’s on your mind at night, a to do list for tomorrow anything that will allow you to rest

Avoid sugar, as much as possible, certainly in the evening!


Time to put down the takeaway menu and make some wholesome food

Ask yourself what you want to be, a hunk, a chunk or a drunk?

All 3 are nutrition related, (yes alcohol counts) 7 calories per gram !

If you’ve fell apart this time, or even have since last year when it all started, maybe now with an end in sight it’s time to make a change, a catalyst?

A catalyst for change

Prep- Prep is key to success in the working week, yet it shouldn’t be complicated, I’ve prepped for years and yet this year when we switched nutrition mentors, I learned some basic tips that we now teach to clients and what a difference that makes!

Shop on A Sunday, make a list!

Buy a range of veggies that you like, plus a little salad and some fruits

Chop up the veggies into pots/tubs/sealable boxes so they are ready to use for your meals

Veggies are on hand, you will use them!

Cook some veggies, it’s still winter so my go to is roasted carrots, charlottes and parsnips, in either thyme or rosemary

Then all you need to do on the day is add some protein

Meals, make 1 staple each week and freeze it for work

I’ve been doing

Sweet potato cottage pie

Various soups- spicy meatball has been my favourite
Aubergine curry, message me for the recipe!

Spicy curry

Even though I’m a serious meat eater I like Quorn pieces once a week, make your own sauce from tomatoes/ tinned or fresh, add in a soft cheese and veggies you like, some spices and add some pasta parcels, then serve with your half plate of veggies

Drink water on waking and before and wit every meal if you tend to forget!


Whatever movement you choose I’m happy

That’s why it says move and not fitness

Humans are designed to move

15,000+ steps, a walk in the hills, burpees (yay!) weights, run, bike, just move!

It’s easier with a partner and at the end you’ll find your battle buddy!


Manage your mind, your stress and your thoughts

You become your thoughts!

With a goal in sight now, 29th march, you use it to fuel you!

Dial in that busy mind through meditation (calm or headspace) or free guided meditations on YouTube- I recommend Jason Stephenson

Write down your thoughts each day- Journaling

Control what you can and forget the rest

If your part of our tribe, this next bit is for you

Battle buddies

Your coach will pair you with someone close to you, physically or someone relationship wise

Each week similar to the games there will be points and a winning team

Instead of charity this time, you’ll win a prize

Prizes each week for the winners

A T-shirt each
A 2:1 Pt session with your buddy
£40 voucher each towards our nutrition program or gift it to friends/family member
£40 voucher each towards a friends/family members foundations
4 sessions voucher each towards a friends/family members Bootcamp

Points (Monday 12pm entry cut off again)

Sleep 10 points 8+ hours sleep, 7 points 7-8 hours, 5 points 6-7 hours (recorded by app and tag us (doing a collage and tagging the whole week works best)

Eat- 10 points per meal with 1/2 plate veggies or more
(Tag us, doing a collage and tagging the whole day works best along with your movement)
30 points max for the day (3 meals)

Move- 10 points for either- A run or walk 5k or more, tag us in a strength session 30mins +, 15,000steps a day, a 10K plus bike rid, the days wod
(recorded by app and tag us, doing a collage and tagging the whole day works best along with your food)
10 points max for the day!

Manage- 10 points for either- Meditation – complete a calm or headspace meditation (free month) or complete Ben’s follow along stretching series or journaling
10 points maximum (recorded by app or photo, tag us, doing a collage and tagging the whole day works best along with your food)

Maximum days points per person = 60 or max team points 120

We’ll update this as things or ideas cement

Looking to keep it simple and have partner accountability!

Lets go 29th march

Points make prizes

Thanks for believing in us and supporting the tribe

We love you guys (shouting it in Sloth from the Goonies voice)

In health

Coach Ben


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