We sell relationships, not results

Yesterday we talked about Mindset, how success must come before motivation, setting small wins and creating momentum


Ever heard us say- “We sell relationships, not results” ?
Sounds a bit woo woo?
Here’s the model we have develop together, that we live and teach to our staff
People give up, fail and change gyms far to often
We only recruit the right people, this starts with a free intro chat
We look to build trust from day 1, with openness and look to form a long lasting relationship.
We’ve got some clients that have been at Ulysses over 4 years and some well on the way! It’s our aim to have 10 year+ clients who we can guide on a journey to sustained health
When you trust us, let us into your heart and mind, we can help
Your ready for change, open to trying the things you never have
If you keep doing the same things, how can you expect a different outcome, right?
With new habits, comes new results!
Check out tomorrows post on habit stacking.
If your ready to build that relationship, book a free intro at www.ulyssesfitness.co.uk


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