Our gym’s response to lock-down

How it all ended

Lock down came about swiftly on Saturday 21st March swiftly

What happened with you and your gym?

Do you still hold a membership?

How is your relationship?

Our response

Ulysses knew lock-down was coming and last class was Friday 20th March.

We are lucky to be a part of mentorship under Two brain business and linked to 700 of the best gyms/studios and trainers across the globe

How did his help us?

We share data, information and support with our peers

All Two brain gyms all strive for the gold standard in the industry

We knew this was coming had plans in place

These plans and systems had already been tested by peers in Italy and China

What about your gym/trainer?

How did they respond?

Did they book a 1:1 consultation to check what your goals would be during lock-down?

Check what special needs or requirements you had?

When the virus shut down your gym, did your gym lend you their equipment so you could still workout at home?

Did they come drop equipment off at your house?

How about training, did your gym program 7 days of workouts for the week with additional accessory workouts all with accompanying videos, consider running workouts, core, strength and cardio?

Did your gym offer live Zoom fitness sessions?

Stay in contact with 10 minute zoom 1:1 weekly athlete check ins?

Did you get Daily and weekly personally prescribed action points?

How about hand written post cards?

Social events? Did your gym organise live Zoom events such as coffee mornings and Quiz’s?

Did your gym help with nutrition, the cornerstone, the base of health and fitness?

Did they give you access to a 28 day nutrition challenge with meal plans, peer and coach accountability, training videos for free?

Of course they’re not.

So when all this over, and it will be over, why don’t you take the course our professional customers did and book a free Intro chat.

Our free intro chats take around 30 mins, can be in person or virtual, either way we’ll see if we can help.

In health Coach Ben

Heres access to our Dietitians library of balanced zone style recipes as a thanks for reading-

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