Who’s the problem, who’s to blame?

So you didn’t get that pay rise, that new job, picked for the 1st team, you didn’t make your monthly sales target, you didn’t close that deal, your partner left you?

Who’s to blame, the weather, the company, the pandemic, the economy?

Blame “feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong”

The harsh truth

You are, your the common denominator, the issue

I found this harsh truth out growing up

We live in a blame culture, where its always someone or something that causes the issue you have.

It’s easier that way and makes us feel better

Time to flip your blame upside down

Start with some reflection, ask yourself-

What you could of done differently?

If you could repeat the scenario, how would you approach it different?

What would you say this time, do this time, change this time?

Now accept that you faltered, not failed. That means you’ve quit already

We need to make mistakes, we need to get reps in to get better at interviews, at selling yourself at closing deals, at dealing with relationship problems and all issues in life.

How by first finding out how not to do it, what not to say or do

I find for example the best coaches are people that sucked at the sport/skill, not the gifted athlete that can do stuff without even knowing how.

Learn by doing and learn by mistakes

My last blog was about mentor’s, https://ulyssesfitness.co.uk/screw-the-guru-find-a-mentor/

Mentors have messed shit up and constantly failed and if you’ve now figured out how to do something, you must know how not to do it.

The most famous case of this may be Edison- “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” He worked his way through filaments for lamps(bulbs) now that we take for granted in our homes.

Edison found all of the wrong things, materials that didn’t conduct electricity and produce a glow of light, or is my understanding of the matter, (I’m no historian)

I like one of my hero’s Chris Cooper, say my super power is making mistakes.

I could beat myself up about it or just realise its the path to finding the right way.

Are you willing to falter today to succed tomorrow?

I have, I will and continue to do so

Now go get some reps in at whatever you want to succeed at!

A simple mindset switch

Some food for thought!


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