Why mothers should do personal training

Does you’re mother go to the gym?

My mother never did.

Times are changing, gyms are changing, the people who go to gyms are changing.

We are seeing a sharp rise in the age of our clients and we love it.

We’ve always trained 30 and 40 somethings.

2020 I believe has brought a new breed to the fitness industry, our moms and dads, peoples grandmas and grandads.

Late 50’s and 60’s even 70’s and lovely guy Hassan at 85 years young train with us now.

Just this week our 2 new clients have been 56 and 58, again we love it, both ladies, both have had an horrendous 2020 and are excited to change that together.

We are here to help you, your mom, uncle Jack and aunt Sue.

It truly never is to late to start training, start lifting weights, start challenging the muscles and the heart and the brain.

How they start with us

Anyone that starts training with us, starts with a sit down chat, a consult, very much like therapy really.

You’ll walk away from the consult with a level of trust you have never experienced before, once that bond is built and you trust us, we can begin to change your habits together.

We will of identified what we’d like to change and find some of our services that will get you there the quickest.

Most of our clients start with some form of personal training and nutrition, it’s the most powerful combination we have!

With both male and female coaches, we can select a coach that suits you’re needs and personality.


I write about these a lot, they are the things we do each day without even thinking about it.

They are hard to build and harder to break, but we’ve got you covred

Go read my 3 part series and come right back…….

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Back already? Wow that was quick

It’s all about making it easy, so understanding habits and our triggers is really what its about, then you just need our emotional support to make it happen.

We’ll build the body and the mind together

When you are ready for change

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