Why personal training is dead in 2021!

Wait there , hold on a minute, you are saying personal training is dead, useless, outdated?

In a word, yes!

Personal training

Personal training is old now, you meet with you’re trainer once, twice, three or maybe 4 times a week if it’s in the budget

You’re trainer creates a custom workout for you, corrects your movements as you go along and maybe if you are lucky they text you once a week to see how you are.

You burn a ton of calories and learn about building muscle and weight-loss.

I mean what doesn’t sound awesome about that?

2021 is the year of personal coaching

Layer in all of the good stuff from you’re personal trainer, well the trainer, trains you, but what about the other 23 hours of the day?

At Ulysses we are endlessly trying to serve our clients better, we are here to serve you, guide you, ask you the tough questions and keep you accountable and on track.

To do that we 1st need to know you!

That comes in a form of discovery session called a free intro.

You can find out about the full process, the client journey here

The intro is designed to open you up, strip away 1 layer at a time and build trust and self awareness between us.

Like therapy, ( which I’ve done and can highly recommended) we get you to know yourself and more importantly to verbalise it.

If you can trust us, we get to ask deeper and deeper questions, a lot of the time people get defensive if you ask them a blunt question, we try to avoid that and ask open ended questions using empathy.

A team that has experience can help, empathise

Between our team we’ve seen it all and been through it in our lives, so we can understand where you are coming from.

In our 5 years of our fitness facility we have seen friends and mothers/fathers pass away, suicide, sickness, illness, poverty, alcohol and drug addictions , depression and loneliness.

On the flip side we’ve attended each others birthdays, weddings and birth celebrations. We often gather together with BBQ’s (not 2020)!

We may get people fit and healthy by fitness and nutrition, but that is just the vehicle, it is just scraping the surface.

Our most successful clients allow us into their hearts, minds and lives.

We are strictly confidential, our clients love we share our stories of failure, which there has been many!

Training someone is only part of the solution, nutrition is even more important again!

Yet telling someone that training 3 x week and eating better will help them is not enough.

We believe in collaborative plans where the client gets to choose their food, their goal and their next habit change and the coach guides them from an objective, empathetic and from a point of experience.

What is more likely from these 2 statements is to help you make a change?

The old way

Sally you don’t eat any vegetables, that’s not healthy at all, I want you to add broccoli to your meal 3 times a day and walk 10,000 steps?

The new way

So Sally you told me you struggle to eat vegetables, can you tell me little about that?

Sally- Well vegetables are just so expensive, they just sit their in my cupboard or fridge and go off. That and the kids won’t eat them, so I don’t bother making them for myself.

Coach- Ok Sally I totally understand where you are coming from, how about we brainstorm some ideas together that could help eating vegetables easier, cheaper and has you doing it without even thinking about it, would that be ok?

Now that could go down a rabbit hole!

It’s where the discovery begins.!

Do you see my point though? The same could be done around fitness, walking the dog more, drinking more water and sleeping more

Telling you to drink 3 litres of water a day, walk 10,000 steps and sleep 7+ hours of sleep a night is good, but is there a better way?

We can only change 1 habit at a time, if you choose that tiny, tiny habit, will you be more likely to do it, if you choose it?

The science and practice of habit and behaviour change that we learn and implement says yes.

We guide from a place of empathy and experience and try to avoid preaching and teaching

The onion peals away and reveals its next layer.

We may use personal training, nutrition and group classes to help towards you’re goals, but training you in any of thses areas is just the start.

Coaching is the future

Personal training is dead, personal coaching is the future

In health

Coach Ben


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