Why your grandma should do weights

Why your grandma should do weights

Growing up an 80’s child, having my mother raise 4 boys by herself, stressed, working endless overtime to feed her children, she was overweight, smoking 20 cigarettes a day, always on a diet.

Times have changed right?


Maybe we are worse?

Ok so a lot of people have stopped smoking, thank god!

But has the habits of your mother or grandmother, father or grandfather been passed down through the generations?

I know certainly I love cooking and baking, I’ve got my mother to thank for that, i used to bake on a weekend from around 5/6 years old

When my mother was at work, and she always was, I’d bake

I learned to cook next

Can anyone remember them lethal chip pans!?

I know what your thinking “chippy chips”!

I used to make a random assortment of things and loved it, I even cooked for my brothers and mother when she was working late or over

Then in senior school, I attended Durham Gilesgate, for those that don’t know me well

I choose to take cookery instead of woodwork in my final years, it was me, 2 other boys and the rest were girls.

Likely influenced by the years of baking as kid, thanks Mam !

What other things have you picked up from your parents?

Even more importantly, what have you not picked up?

Did you ever see your dad, mam or grandma eat cereal?

Heck yeah, post war habits soon changed the way we started the day, cereal is so hard ingrained in our society because of the fat scare of the 60’s

What a load of crap, it’s took 60 years not just to be proved wrong

Thanks Ancel Keys!

For anyone that doesn’t know the story, he was a lead scientist who fudged study results around how fat affects us, he ways paid off by a modern unhealthy “Beverage” company that still exists today.

The real results were found in his basement some years later, I believe.

I talk to 30 ladies some weeks about healthy living, diets and their relationship with food

Cereal and the fat scare myth has been so ingrained into our society that cereal is still the number one breakfast for not just kids, but for mothers, fathers and no doubt, still grandma’s

My point is, it’s that hardwired from a lifetime of doing it, it’s hard to change!

I mean did you ever see your grandma, mam, dad or grandma go to the gym?


Gym’s didn’t exist

I do deep down believe that our grandparents didn’t need gyms, they didn’t need nutrition coaches

Our grandparents where the last of the grafters, life was simpler, life pre war was healthier

No 5g WIFI frying our little heads, no cereals on a morning, no tinned goods, no frozen ready meals, no take always, the closet thing at the time was probably a fish shop for a Sunday supper

No long drives to work, less stress, no internet, no Facebook!

My grandparents lived close to where they worked, walked to work, did manual jobs all day, cooked what was available around them, shopped at farmers markets, milk was proper! and they ate seasonal veg, one pot cooking was a thing!

Post second world war changed the way we live, technologies rapidly advanced and in 50 years the population doubled

Doubled, that’s crazy!

Unfortunately the next generation and the next have changed

Our grandma’s now need to go to the gym, they need to do weights and there are many reasons why they should!

So life has changed, for us all and one thing the human animal, us sapiens do is adapt!

Time to adapt, lift and live

We’ve trained some senior clients over the years and we love it, me personally I’m so passionate about seeing people move more, take life into their hands and lift.

We’ve trained a few 70’ish year olds and still have one with us, fast John, What a legend, I can still remember the day he did his 4x 1-1 personal training sessions as part of starting his induction with us

John hopped up onto the rings and held a hollow hold on the rings for 15 seconds, something we see 90% of under 30’s fail on regular basis first time!

Working a manual job clearly helped!

We’ve just signed a 85 years young PT client and intend to improve his muscle density, posture and make his later years a lot easier

I mean do you want to be pushing a cart down the street in you’re 60s 70s 80s and beyond? Or even worse be in a wheel chair or motorised buggy|?

I know I don’t

We need strong posterior chain muscles- Hamstrings, calf’s, back, glutes and a strong core, I believe these to be the most important parts of the body

The other bits, thighs, chest, shoulders (mirror muscles) are more often trained and have become our dominant muscles, easier to work what we see!

We love to see change

We love to help

We love to give back and pay it forward

It’s all part of our mission to help 10,000 people reduce illness and chronic disease

We’d love to help your Mam/Mum/Mother, dad, uncle John, Aunt Sally or grandma Pat improve their later years

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